Shopping For Presidents Day Sales Savings? Read This First.

February is primetime for furniture shoppers. If you’ve recently moved into a new home, or you are looking to update your current interior, you could find some terrific bargains this month.

You’ve probably seen the ads.  Big-box stores and local Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater retailers have been offering substantial discounts for President’s Day and throughout this month.  The reason why is because new furniture collections and models hit the stores each February.  In order to make room for the new inventory and promote new items, retailers lure customers in with sweet deals.

Consider these frugal tips when shopping for furniture:

  1. Research:  Search the web or conduct in-store research to find what will suit your personal tastes, room dimensions, and long-term needs. New furniture collections and models are out, but you just might prefer the style (and price) of last year’s look.
  2. Consider Used: The post-holiday season is a great time to check out local secondhand stores and consignment shops, which are packed with quality furnishings and décor from folks simply needing to make room for new items in their home.  Some of you may prefer not to buy used textiles or sofas with fabric, but consider being thrifty when choosing sustainable wood items like tables. It’s worth considering if you are on a budget.
  3. Shop Around: Don’t be fooled by a big sale. Just because a store says “50% OFF” all sofas, it doesn’t mean they have the best deal. In reality, many stores mark up a price very high in the first place only to then call it a “discount” when they mark the price back down to a standard retail price.
  4. Haggle: Most furniture stores are willing to negotiate a price this time of year. Some retailers mark up prices over 80%, which means there is room for a discount.  If not a percentage off the price, perhaps ask for freebies like accent pieces or matching sets.  If a deal can’t be reached, inquire about free delivery.  It could save hundreds of dollars on larger items.

You might also be searching for new appliances, which are also seeing mega sales this month for similar reasons. Appliance upgrades are an excellent investment for homeowners.  Appliance quality is one of many important features people consider when buying a new home. High-end appliances appeal to most buyers, and those new smart appliances could make an older home feel high-tech and modern.

Whether you are staging your home to look its best for an upcoming sale, or you are decorating your new home — we hope our tips help homeowners save big on home décor, appliances, and furnishings in 2018.

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