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-Outdoor Dining and Décor-

Let’s talk about stylish options for outdoor dining at home in Florida. As folks across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties continue to search for creative ways to entertain ourselves at home, it makes sense to discuss the joys of outdoor dining in the fresh spring air.

10 Simple Ways to Add Elegance to Outdoor Spaces

The time is now to enjoy later sunsets, colorful flowers, and a tad less humidity than the late summer months.  Make the most of this time by refreshing your outdoor areas with these tips for elegant spaces and fine dining outdoors.

  1. Start with lush landscaping. You can make your neighbors green with envy when they see you dining out back surrounded by new grass or a freshly manicured lawn.
  2. Ambiance is key. Set the scene for your outdoor dining with flourishing bouquets and flowery centerpieces in vibrant shades. Remember to turn on relaxing dinner music, too.
  3. Light up the night with new outdoor lighting to enhance your outdoor dining areas. There are limitless options for dramatic lighting. If that’s not in your budget, add class with candles.
  4. Keep your dining areas pristine by pressure washing your patio tables and furniture. If budget allows, consider refreshing your outdoor seating areas with the latest 2020 designs.
  5. Features can jazz up an outdoor area, whether it’s a spacious patio or small deck. Consider adding a tranquil fountain with sounds of water flowing or display a beautiful statue.
  6. Exterior décor is just as important as interior design. Consider a brightly colored outdoor rug for visual appeal, artwork for flair, or floral-printed throw pillows on the outdoor sofa.
  7. Consider the patio an extension of your living room or kitchen. You may want to decorate in a similar color scheme or style as indoors to create a flow into the outdoor dining area.
  8. A dinner under the stars wouldn’t be complete without a touch of elegance. Bring out the china and silverware. Create a formal dinner by skipping the plastics and paper plates.
  9. Get creative with your menu. Outdoor dining doesn’t have to include basic cookout food.  Twirling pasta around a fork or enjoying aromatic seafood is way better outside.
  10. If budget allows, consider investing in an outdoor kitchen with a fancy grill, which reigns supreme in outdoor décor. It could add value to your home, while also creating the ultimate Florida lifestyle.

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