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Would you believe there was a time when homeowners wanted to conceal all traces of the pets living in their homes? As pet parents, we are happy to say that pet-friendly environments can actually be a value-added feature of your home.  For example, studies have shown that some millennials are buying homes because of their dog, and many families are creating pet-centric spaces and designing rooms specifically for their pets.

In honor of National Pet Month, we’ve compiled a simple list of ways to celebrate beloved pets in your homes.  Homeowners across the Greater Tampa Bay Area can use these tips to create pet-friendly homes, while maintaining a clean and stylish vibe.

  1. Greener Grass: In addition to toxin-free landscaping and available shade, there is plenty to consider in the backyard. Beyond the doghouse, today’s homeowners are investing in pet turf and dog-friendly ground covers to maintain pristine, green spaces.
  2. Make a Mudroom: Create a paw clean-up area near your entrance. This could include an organized place to hang leashes, store baggies, and keep towels easily accessible.
  3. Feline Fantasies: Pets love a window seat. Optimize your window areas by situating a chair or by adding a built-in window seat for your pet to enjoy. With the right planning and design, this could be a beautiful focal point of your home.
  4. Pet-Friendly Fabrics: The internet is loaded with pet-resistant fabrics and furnishings. Forget the old paw-print designs, and conduct a search to find washable pet beds, pillows, and blankets that perfectly match your home’s modern décor.
  5. Tempting Treats: Keep treats in a cookie jar instead of cluttering tables with treat bags or hiding treats in hard-to-reach places. A colorful treat jar looks great on any countertop.
  6. Freedom from Fur: Get a handle on fur through daily brushing and regular bathing. Consider covering valuable furnishings and fabrics with a washable sheet or cover.
  7. Sweet Scents: Keep spray air fresheners and enzyme cleaners on hand. Housetraining, fresh litter, clean bedding, and regular bathing also help eliminate smells and stains.
  8. Purrfect Facilities: Cat owners have an array of litter box options now. Wonderfully designed box covers that look like cabinetry as well as self-cleaning boxes are available.
  9. Family Matters: Hang a framed photo of Fido or include Miss Kitty in your family photo collages to emphasize to visitors that your pets are a part of the family.
  10. Make Pets a Plus: If you’re selling, we can help you highlight the pet-friendly aspects of your home or neighborhood. Against conventional standards, we’ve even seen pets modeling in a few listing photos in recent years.

As our readers and customers know, we love our pets.  We consider them a member of the family and an important part of the home buying and selling process. It’s our pleasure to help Florida residents like you keep your homes happy and safe for your entire family.  Call Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for helpful information on home buying, selling, investing, and other real estate advice.