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-3 Simple Steps for Moving with Pets-

If you plan to buy or sell a home in 2021, chances are you will need a plan for moving with pets.  Studies show that nearly 70 percent of American households include a pet in the family.  Whether you are one of the millions of people with either a cat or a dog, there will be certain steps to take for ensuring a safe and easy moving day for your furry family members.

Make Moving Day Easy for Dogs and Cats

Our pet-friendly real estate team understands there is a great deal of planning that goes into buying, selling, and moving between homes.  As fellow pet parents, we also recognize pets as an important part of this process.  Here are a few simple steps to consider and items to remember when moving with pets.

  1. Bring Food, Water, and Medications:

    Yes, this may seem like a no brainer for you, but food is the most important thing on your pet’s mind. Be sure to bring accessible serving bowls, containers, food, treats, and plenty of water on moving day. Of course, also bring any medications and medical information for addressing your pet’s needs.

    If traveling a long distance with your pet, keep these items in an easy-to-reach place in your vehicle for maintaining your pet’s feeding and medication schedules. Once you are at the new location, quickly set a space to make food and water available to your pet. This will calm any nerves your pet may have about food supply.

  2. Prepare and Pack Safety Essentials:

    Undoubtedly, moving day with pets can get chaotic, even if you are only moving across town in the Tampa Bay area. In addition to a pet carrier or durable leash, be sure your pet wears a collar that includes updated tags with your most current contact information. Keep your pet’s tag number or microchip identification number handy during the move.

    For your dog, also be prepared with plastic bags for cleaning up waste, wherever it may land.  For kitty, be prepared with a ready-to-use litter box for the car and for the immediate arrival at the new location, as many cats like to mark their new place.  You may also want to pack and plan easy access to essentials like pet brushes, shampoos, or baby wipes for quick clean-up of any unexpected issues.

  3. Remember to Pamper Your Pet:

    Also, providing comfortable bedding before, during, and after a move will remind your pet that they are in a safe place to relax.  Textures and scents of their favorite blanket, toy, or other item from the previous home will help them ease into the new space.

    Making chew toys available can also be helpful in providing your pet a way to release any nervous energy.  When the opportunity allows, be sure to give your pet attention and offer your pet playtime to run around with you, play fetch, or swat at a string.  This will remind your pet that the family unit is safe and happy.

Our pet-friendly real estate team hopes these moving-day tips help you enjoy a seamless transition. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian for comprehensive pet-health instructions.

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