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-3 Ways to Boost Backyard Value in Florida-

Memorial Day Weekend kickstarts the summer, and the best place to spend the holiday weekend is in a Tampa Bay backyard.  If the current atmosphere out back is not up to par, now is prime time for Florida homeowners to give your outdoor spaces a value boost.

Whether creating your own summer sanctuary, or making exterior updates to increase your home value, our real estate team has compiled some of the best backyard tips for 2021.

1.) Highlight and extend your outdoor spaces.

Social distancing led to a boom in demand for big backyards and outdoor spaces. Notably, 41 percent of people value a large outdoor space, according to a Zillow survey from a Harris poll.

Large or small, you can visibly broaden your backyard and outdoor areas with new lighting. For example, lighting up walkways and patio areas can enhance the space.  Also, be sure to get rid of clutter in outdoor areas. Dispose of rusty old furniture, prune overgrown plants, trim trees, mow the lawn, and maintain pristine landscaping for a light, open, and airy ambiance.

2.) Optimize the value of a Florida pool home.

The quintessential dream home for many Americans includes a glistening pool. Zillow noted the word “pool” was at the top of keyword searches last year.  If you are looking to increase the sales value of your Florida home, then adding a pool could be a good investment.

If you already have a pool, consider refurbishing it with modern accent tiles or repainting it with the latest color trends for dark blue or sage green.  Make a splash and up the value by installing an outdoor kitchen to take your pool and entertainment areas to the next level of Florida life.

3.) Enhance patio areas and add new features.

Importantly, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make big enhancements. For example, you can freshen up the entire space by pressure washing patios and entryways or by adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior doors and window trims. Also, adding a few outdoor rugs, decorative pieces, or a flowing fountain could change the entire vibe.

If boosting your Florida home’s value is the goal, consider a deck addition.  Whether wood or composite, you could regain a nice percentage of job costs in the resale value. As your trusted real estate professionals, please let us know if you need referrals to experts to help you complete your home projects.

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day 2021

We hope you enjoy a beautiful backyard this Memorial Day. In addition to helping many Floridians downsize, sell, and buy homes, our real estate team is proud to specialize in serving active military and veterans with compassion and integrity during the home buying and selling process.  We are here to support you through the entire real estate transaction, including connecting you with an expert in VA Loans if you are a veteran.

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