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-4 Cool Ideas for Pet Parents this Summer-

As fellow pet parents, our real estate team enjoys sharing tips to maintain happy homes and active lifestyles with our furry friends. Living in the Greater Tampa Bay area is ideal for pets.  Not only is Florida packed with dog parks and dog beaches, but we also have fantastic weather most months of the year for backyard fun.

Understandably, backyards and dog parks are not much fun during the hot and rainy summer months, which is why homeowners often need to plan accordingly and sometimes get creative. Here are cool ideas for pet-centric spaces and fun activities this summer around Tampa Bay.

Summer Suggestions for Tampa Bay Homeowners with Pets

  1. WINDOW WATCHERS: It might be too hot or stormy for your pet to be outside, but a window seat could be just as entertaining. Optimize window areas by situating a chair or adding a built-in window seat for your pet to enjoy. In addition to custom builds, big-box stores sell window perches to hang for small cats as well as bench seats for large dogs. With the right planning and design, this could be a beautiful focal point in your home.
  2. FUNCTIONAL SPACES: Redesign areas specifically for your pets. For example, you could transform your mudroom into a pet grooming station. This could be as simple as a paw clean-up station near your entrance to mitigate the risk of muddy footprints, or a complete area for bathing, clipping nails, and trimming fur. Pet grooming is a skill many of us had to learn during the pandemic’s shutdown of groomers. When designing the space, include an organized place to hang leashes, store baggies, and keep towels easily accessible.
  3. COOL CATS AND DOGS: Sometimes the air conditioning simply will not cool down an overheated or panting pet covered in thick fur. In addition to coat maintenance and proper hydration, be sure your pet’s bed or resting area maintains a cool temperature. Most pets instinctually find cool tile or other flooring to stretch out and cool down, but you might need to design a space for your pet under a ceiling fan running in a counterclockwise direction for downward airflow. Also, choose moisture-wicking fabrics for pet beds and blankets. 
  4. SUMMER SOCIALITES: For pets with a passion for socializing, watch the weather to plan a morning adventure to a dog park or dog beach before the afternoon heat and rain showers. From Davis Island Dog Beach along Hillsborough Bay, to Fort De Soto Dog Park and Beach in Pinellas County, there is no shortage of waterfront destinations. Spend a morning on Old Tampa Bay at Picnic Island Beach Dog Park. Enjoy a drive over the Dunedin Causeway to Honeymoon Island State Park. There is also Palma Ceia Dog Park in South Tampa, Al Lopez Park in Tampa, or Logan Gate Dog Park in Citrus Park. Remember to bring a bowl and plenty of water to keep your pet cool and hydrated during summer playtime.
We consider our pets a member of the family and an important part of the home buying and selling process. Call Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for helpful information on home buying, selling, investing, and other real estate advice.