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5 Home Improvement Ideas for Cat People

-5 Home Improvement Ideas for Cat People –

Did you know? October 29th is National Cat Day, and our real estate team is celebrating by providing home improvement ideas and tips that will make your cats purr.

As fellow “cat people” living in the Tampa Bay area, we specialize in pet-friendly real estate services. Millions of Americans consider their felines as family members, and most of them will factor in their pets’ needs when buying or selling a home. For example, an HOA with pet restrictions could be a deal breaker, while some pet-friendly features could attract homebuyers.

Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Features and Updates

For current homeowners wishing to celebrate their cat, while potentially adding value to their homes, consider these cat-inspired home improvement ideas, features, and updates:

  1. OUTDOOR “CATIO” SPACE: One of our favorite home features is a custom “catio” for cats to safely enjoy the outdoors. This popular trend is basically an enclosed patio or screened-in porch, which is a fantastic add-on for a Florida home.  The most cat-centric patios may also include a play area with multi-level tiers for cats to climb and enjoy.
  2. TOXIN-FREE LANDSCAPING: Show your outdoor cat how much you care for them by choosing toxin-free landscaping. This ensures a safe place to frolic. There are many new options and alternatives to the dangerous chemical fertilizers of the past. Beautiful green spaces that are free of toxins could also appeal to future homebuyers.
  3. WINDOW SEAT: If an indoor cat could describe his or her dream home, it would include a window seat. Likewise, any Tampa Bay homeowner would also appreciate the value of a built-in window seat or the luxury of a beautiful bay window. As for bay windows, homeowners love the way the panels angle out from the house wall to provide picturesque beauty for both the interior and exterior of a home. With the right planning and design, custom windows could be a fantastic focal point.
  4. MUDROOM OR GROOMING STATION: Granted, cats are not known for enjoying baths, but many cats will take pleasure in being pampered and brushed. Adding a mudroom with a grooming station could be an excellent place for general grooming, daily brushings, and nail trimming. Use this as an ultra-organized storage area to also keep treats, flea meds, grooming tools, and other pet accessories. Notably, this is a pet-friendly feature that would also appeal to any homeowner with dogs.
  5. HARD-SURFACE FLOORING: Modern tile or beautiful hardwood flooring is a great option for pet owners wanting to avoid carpet snags, stains, and smells. Also, cats are not big fans of carpet. Kitty hates to get her nails snagged or stuck in carpet. A comfy cat bed atop hardwood flooring could be a win-win solution for both cats and homeowners.

If you need help completing home improvement projects, please do not hesitate to contact us for Tampa Bay area referrals.  We have a large network of local experts ready to help you.

As your pet-friendly real estate team, we would be happy to help you highlight your home’s best features when selling, and we could help you find a PURRfect home to enjoy with your beloved pets. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786.