Year after year, Floridians tout the wonderfulness of our winters.  This year, however, there may have been a few complaints.  We’ve had our share of chilly temperatures dropping below normal, and (dare we say it) we hit freezing points in some areas.  Sadly, we’ve also endured the nationwide flu epidemic of 2018. Despite these external influences, Florida survives and thrives as a fabulous place to spend your winter.

If the flu or a few chilly temperatures got you down, let us lift your spirits with these five reasons to continue loving Florida winters:

  1. Beautiful Beaches:  St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and surrounding beaches tout some of the warmest Gulf waters in the nation during winter months, averaging 60° to 70°water temperatures.  Unlike snowy beach town in the northern states, you’ll also continuously find plenty of beach-friendly activities to do in our coastal communities 12 months a year.
  2. Glistening Pools: Unlike up north, Floridians don’t have to close up their pools during the winter due to months of freezing temperatures.  Even if it is too chilly to jump in your Florida pool on cooler days, you may still lounge poolside enjoying a delicious beverage and sunshine during the winter months.
  3. Pristine Patios: You don’t have to hide your patio décor and furniture from snow or ice during the winter months down here in Florida. It’s a nonstop garden party for us.  On certain chilly nights in January or February, you may enjoy the novelty of lighting your fire pit and toasting a few marshmallows.
  4. Greenspace: You won’t find months of totally bare trees and dead foliage in our Tampa area neighborhoods.  We enjoy greenery year-round.  Of course, that also means continuous lawn maintenance, but we find landscaping activities much easier than shoveling driveways or scrapping ice.
  5. Great Weather: We’ve saved the best for last. On average, the Greater Tampa Bay Area temperatures range between 50° and 70° during the winter months. Despite a few record-breaking lows this year, we’ve also enjoyed plenty of our usual sunshine with high temperatures topping 80° on some days.

Living in Florida offers a broad range of benefits.  It’s no wonder why snowbirds flock to Florida every winter to live the good life in the surrounding Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater areas.

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