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-5 Timely Tips for Energy-Efficient Homes-

Folks across the Greater Tampa Bay area might notice their energy bills going up in costs due to higher than normal usage.  Why, you ask? Many Floridians are spending more time at home due to the recent weeks of closings and stay-at-home guidelines. That’s why our Tampa Bay area real estate team has compiled ideas for energy-efficient homes.  These efficiency tips could help you save energy and control utility costs in future months.

Cost-Effective Ideas for Lowering Energy Costs

Here are some quick tips for Tampa area homeowners to save energy in your home.  Depending on your budget, you may start simple with lifestyle changes or plan for major home upgrades to reduce your long-term energy costs.

  • Energy Conservation: Make small lifestyle changes for big savings, such as minimizing energy waste with lighting and electronics. These words echo back to childhood when your parents insisted you shut off the lights or turn the TV off when leaving the room.  As an adult, you can take energy conservation a step further by unplugging electronics not in use and incorporating more natural light into your home.  To decrease your dependency on lightbulbs and electricity, consider arranging furniture to optimize or decrease sunlight in certain areas. Homeowners may also look at their electric company’s website for additional energy solutions, tips, and rebates. Tampa Electric, for example, has an entire section dedicated to the value of energy-efficient homes.
  • System Upgrades: Consider investing in energy-efficient washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. One of the best home upgrades is an investment into energy-efficient heating and air conditioning (HVAC). In addition to potential tax write-offs on certain products meeting government standards, you could use less electricity with a newer, energy-efficient system.
  • Insulation Improvements: In addition to upgrading A/C units and appliances, savvy homeowners can create an airtight barrier in their homes through updated ductwork, insulation, roofs, and windows. Quality insulation reduces indoor/outdoor air-loss and provides significant cost-savings in utility bills for Tampa area homeowners.
  • Solar Panels: Many residents of our Sunshine State have opted for a solar system, which includes rooftop solar panels to help generate electricity in a home. In addition to drastically cutting your electric bills, the clean-energy use of solar panels can help greatly reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Design Modifications: If you are considering building a new home or investing in a complete remodel to modify your home design, there is a wide array of energy-efficient construction options. You may build a “green” home from the ground up — from materials with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, to recycled supplies, to scientifically proven room-dimensions and ratios to increase efficiency through smart design.
It’s always our pleasure to help cost-savvy Florida residents like you invest, buy, and sell homes. We also love to offer assistance in helping our customers connect with experts in all matters of the home.  Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for helpful information about the Greater Tampa Bay area and real estate advice.