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-5 Tips for Florida Snowbirds Flocking to Tampa Bay-

With fall’s fantastic weather approaching, you can bet Florida snowbirds will be flocking to the Tampa Bay area soon. Our region has long been a favorite destination for northern travelers and snowbirds.  Increasingly, however, many snowbirds are spreading their wings and extending the length of their stay by investing in Florida real estate.

Florida Snowbirds Moving and Managing Two Homes

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of perks enticing snowbirds to purchase property in the Sunshine State, whether it is for extended stays or for a permanent place to live.

As real estate pros, we support customers during Florida’s unique homebuying process, including the search, showings, negotiations, inspections, closing, and moving. We even offer booklets with the names of service providers recommended by our satisfied customers. These valuable books of insights will help you – before, during, and after your move.

Here are 5 specific tips for Florida snowbirds flocking between two residences:

  • DOWNSIZE AND SIMPLIFY: Seniors are discovering the value in downsizing out of larger homes and transitioning to smaller, more manageable ranch-style houses, villas, waterfront condos, and 55+ communities. The first and most important step for downsizing to a smaller home is to lighten your load. Often, we recommend for customers to donate unneeded goods and furniture to a reputable charity.  Other solutions include posting online, having a garage sale, or arranging an estate sale. Happily, we downsized years ago, and we love helping our customers discover the joys of downsizing. Just ask us for tips and referrals.
  • DIVIDE AND CONQUER: For those of you splitting time between two homes, consider the cost-effectiveness of dividing household items between your two homes. This will prevent you from owning two of everything. You only need certain items in certain places throughout the year. For example, you can leave those coats and ice scrapers up North.
  • FURNISH FOR CONVENIENCE: Set-up both homes with living necessities, such as furniture, appliances, televisions, bedding, and items that aren’t easy to transport back and forth. We suggest keeping your favorite furnishings at the home you spend the most time.
  • SECURE AND KEEP WATCH: Moving between properties requires the need for security measures, specifically when snowbirds leave their homes for extended periods of time. Checklists should include locking windows, securing doors, turning off water valves, unplugging appliances, and setting security systems (motion lights, cameras, apps, etc.).
  • BUDGET AND MANAGE TIMELINES: Utilities, mailing services, subscriptions, security systems, garbage services, cleaning services, pest control, and lawn care services will require logistical management with scheduled starting and stopping as you move between homes. Today, many things can be done via the Internet and mobile apps. Conveniently, Florida snowbirds also benefit when an HOA handles lawncare and exterior maintenance.

We specialize in serving seniors and snowbirds preparing for downsizing or moving between homes.  We also enjoy helping to connect our customers with other experts in home matters. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for expert advice on downsizing, buying, or selling your home.