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-5 Tips for National Good Neighbor Day-

Hey, neighbor.  Get ready to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day on September 28. This lesser known holiday dates back to the 1970s, when President Jimmy Carter proclaimed a day to recognize the benefits of being a good neighbor and giving back to a community.  Over the years, civic associations and neighborhoods across the United States have celebrated events and community projects on this day in support of the exponential benefits of good neighbors.

Neighborly Advice for Building a Better Community

As real estate professionals, we understand the true value of a good neighbor. Not only can your neighbors become good friends, but they can also help contribute to maintaining a safe and clean neighborhood in which to live.

Worth noting, good neighbors with impeccable curb appeal can also help with area home sales.  In addition to maintaining a lovely home exterior and manicured lawn, here are a few ideas that could perhaps help you be a good neighbor in building better communities across Tampa Bay.

  • Rely on Real Estate Pros for Tips: While helping people buy and sell homes, we are also helping to build communities and strengthen safe and happy neighborhoods across Tampa Bay. We are constantly researching and updating statistics to provide useful neighborhood information for our customers looking for the perfect neighborhood to plant their roots, grow, and thrive in Hillsborough Pinellas, or Pasco Counties.
  • Get Active in Neighborhood Associations: There is strength in numbers when building better neighborhoods. You can help by attending your next Neighborhood Association or Homeowners’ Association meeting. You will learn valuable information by attending meetings or becoming an active board member.  You may also enjoy meeting people and contributing to the community by volunteering for local projects.
  • Nurture Neighborly Relationships: Begin by befriending the folks next door. Make an effort to meet your neighbors and show you care about your neighborhood. You can chat about local happenings, get details on construction around the area, share thoughts on the best local restaurants, or discuss the quality of service providers. If you enjoy hosting events, consider inviting your neighbors to a cookout or other get-together for a fun way to build relationships that stretch throughout the community.
  • Get Social and Unite to Strengthen the Area: Get social with a local group on Facebook or join Nextdoor to connect “virtually” with your neighbors through online networks. You may also consider business groups, social “meet-up” groups, or nonprofit events for in-person opportunities to meet folks and discuss ways to make life better around Tampa Bay.
  • Be Informed and Become a Civic Leader: In addition to your neighborhood, be informed about the Tampa Bay region by checking local newspapers, television reports, and other sources to learn about local government issues. You can also search the web for local data, safety, zoning, and crime stats. You can check out for maps and reports of criminal activity in your area, or see for neighborhood profiles. Reliable information can help you take action in building safer communities.


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