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-National Pet Month-

May is National Pet Month, and our real estate team is thrilled to know that many families are welcoming cats and dogs into their Tampa Bay area homes.  News organizations and local pet rescues have reported increased adoption rates in recent months due to stay-at-home orders associated with COVID-19. Spending more time at home not only allows for more quality time to welcome new pets, but it also supplies more adequate time for housetraining and lifestyle adjusting, which is sometimes an adoption deterrent for busy professionals.

8 To-Dos Before Welcoming a New Pet

One of the most important decisions in any household is choosing a family pet.  Here are proactive tips for those thinking about bringing home a furry or feathered friend.

  1. CREATE A PLAN: Before adoption day, design a family plan for housetraining and appropriate feeding schedules. Also, estimate and budget for supplies, such as food, treats, leashes, collars, cages, litter, grooming, and other items or services. Doing this may help you determine if and when you are ready to adopt.
  2. CONSULT A VET: Proper vaccination schedules, flea-and-tick control, and other healthcare services are vital. Prior to adoption, be sure to consult with a veterinarian for comprehensive pet-health instructions and preschedule an appointment for promptly bringing your future pet in for an examination.
  3. EVALUATE SPACE: From a real estate perspective, ensure you have plenty of space for your pet to frolic and exert energy. If your home lacks in square-footage or yard-space, consider adopting a cat, a bird, or a smaller breed of dog.
  4. CHOOSE WISELY: In addition to size, consider everything from temperament to lifestyle compatibility. Whether you have a huge backyard and a work-from-home gig in Wesley Chapel, or you have a busy schedule and a tiny condo in Tampa, it is important to pick a pet that will be comfortable with your lifestyle.
  5. INDOOR SPACE PLANNING: It is wise to designate a special area in your home for your new pet to stay for the first few days. This will ensure there aren’t any brawls with other pets. It could also mitigate risks of accidents and destructive chewing. Obviously, also remove all debris, valuables, plants, and loose items from floors in your home.
  6. CREATE A COMFORTING ATMOSPHERE: Set up the pet’s area with a new mat, blanket, or pillow. If you are bringing home a puppy or kitten, ask if you can have a cloth or familiar item from your pet’s previous home to place in the new special area.
  7. OUTDOOR ARRANGEMENTS: Toxin-free landscaping and ample shade are two things to consider for your outdoor areas, where your new pet will want to explore. Pet-friendly outdoor spaces will ensure happy frolicking for Fido or Kitty.
  8. DON’T FORGET TOYS: Whether your pet is feeling anxious or is simply full of energy, it’s important to always offer age-appropriate toys for him or her. This along with plenty of tasty and nutritious treats will help you score big points with your new buddy.

Like humans, animals come with their own unique personalities and needs.  We suggest searching the Internet for an array of cat and dog breed tips, compatibility quizzes, and request information from local Tampa Bay area shelters before adopting a new pet.

As fellow pet parents, we would be thrilled to help you find a perfect home to enjoy with your beloved birds, cats, dogs, and other pets.  Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for a free consultation for buying, selling, or investing in Florida real estate.