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-8 Great Ways to Spend Refund Dollars-

April 15th is widely known as Tax Day across America.  While some people are racing to submit their income tax forms to the federal government, many other people are thinking up cost-effective ways to put their tax-return dollars to good use.  We suggest investing in your current or a future home.

Investing in Home Upgrades

A room remodel, appliance upgrade, or new landscaping could add new life to your property. If you do plan to sell your house or condominium in future, you may recover a percentage of these upgrade costs.  Here are ideas for home upgrades with ROI potential:

  • Outdoor lighting could dramatically improve the outer appearance of your home. From updated porchlights to solar lights for your pathways, options are endless.
  • Nothing adds curb appeal like luscious greenery. Your backyard could also benefit from the installation of a patio area to extend your living space.
  • Another way to increase space is to add a sunroom. A Florida room drenched in natural light will give you the feeling of being outdoors while indoors. It is a perfect solution for enjoying the Greater Tampa Bay Area’s hot summers.
  • Add modern lighting or ceiling fans to give your home a cool, updated look. Just be sure to avoid anything too gaudy or outlandish if you have a resale in mind.
  • Consider a new appliance (washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.) rated energy-efficient according to government standards. Studies show that energy-efficient home values are on the rise because an efficient home comes with lower utility costs.
  • Nothing says style like decorative wood moldings, which could also increase your home’s value. Whether a chair rail or crown molding, you may find trims and moldings in a variety of types to fit your room size and style.
  • If budget allows, spring is an excellent time to look into new flooring From traditional hardwood floors to porcelain tile boards that look like wood, you’ll find amazing options in flooring showrooms across Florida.
  • For those ready for a remodel, we suggest updating your bathroom or kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, or backsplashes. Granite counters and modern cabinetry with soft-close doors/drawers continue to enchant homeowners and attract buyers.

We hope these ideas inspire you. It is our pleasure to offer tips to help you create a happy home life.  In addition to offering real estate advice for buying and selling homes, we also enjoy helping Florida residents connect with interior designers and other experts.  Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for more information.