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-9 Pandemic-Safe Ways to Explore a New Neighborhood-

The pandemic has created a new normal for our daily lives.  If have recently moved to a new neighborhood or you are planning to move, then you may be wondering about pandemic-safe ways to explore the area.  As Tampa-based real estate professionals, we have compiled a 2021 list of ways to help you feel like a local — even if you are new to the area in 2021.

Learning Your Way Around Tampa Bay Communities

The Tampa Bay area has many unique communities and neighborhoods to explore.  From the quiet cul-de-sacs to our bustling metro areas, there is an array of community options.  Here are quick ways to get acquainted with the people and surroundings in a new area:

  1. Map the Essentials: For new residents or buyers considering a home in a new community, make use of Google Maps to identify the locations of nearby hospitals, pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, and municipalities.
  2. Know the Stats: Find statistics and information about local areas via websites with registries, crime reports, and city data. Our team often supplies vital information like this to our customers during the buying and selling process.
  3. Read the News: Reading the local newspapers or watching local news reports can help you learn about people, businesses, and city government issues affecting the area.
  4. Go Cruising: Hop in your car, take the backroads, and explore the surroundings. Make a mental note of the nearby businesses and discover potential shortcuts.
  5. Shop Local: Mask up and support a local business in the neighborhood. You may meet a neighbor or local business owner willing to offer insights or tips about the area.
  6. Eat Local: Place a to-go or delivery order from a local restaurant to enjoy new cuisines or local delicacies in the area. Food is a fantastic way to get a taste of local culture.
  7. Enjoy the Outdoors: People flock to the Greater Tampa Bay area for our warm weather and natural attractions, including beautiful parks, beaches, bays, causeways, rivers, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico. We guarantee each neighborhood has something special.
  8. Get Active: In addition to popular Apps like Nextdoor, browse social media for local organizations, neighborhood associations, or groups to join in the area. Most meetings and events are now being held via Zoom or other Internet platforms.
  9. Introduce Yourself: Consider a socially distanced intro, such as writing a short letter or note to new neighbors. Be sure to also wear a protective mask, even outside, if you want to introduce yourself in person to new neighbors during the ongoing pandemic.

We hope these tips help you learn your way around Tampa Bay.  As your trusted real estate partners, we welcome you to contact us with questions about fantastic neighborhood options around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. Our full-service consulting services also include a network of real estate alliances ready to assist you.

Let us help you find the perfect neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area.  We specialize in helping customers downsize, move between homes, invest, buy, and sell.  Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 today!