If you’ve had family or friends in town visiting for a long weekend or an extended time, you know they can play a significant role in daily life. Houseguests can also be a key factor when making decisions on purchasing new real estate and remodeling current homes.

Stress may often be associated with both preparing for and caring for houseguests. As a result, we may second-guess inviting them. If houseguests are a part of your life, then having a designated guest space can drastically decrease your stress load and increase the fun factor.  We have prepared a list of guest space options to assist you in finding the best fit for houseguests in your current or future home.

  • Main Living Area: Sometimes a separate space for guests is just not in the cards. Current homeowners may not have the room and prospective buyers may not have the budget for additional space. If this is the case and you still want houseguests to stay with you, there are ways to make everyone happy. When searching for a new home, consider one with a large, open living area where one part can be sectioned off for sleeping guests. Homes with separate rooms such as dens, libraries, or bonus rooms can also provide a great space for guests. Pullout couches, futons, and air mattresses work well to make a non-traditional room comfortable for a sleeping guest. You can also add a few extra touches, such as nice linens and pillows, earplugs, eye masks, and a white noise machine. This will make your guests feel special even if they don’t have a private room.
  • Guestroom: A designated guestroom is the most common way to accommodate houseguests with space and privacy. When considering new real estate, look for homes that feature a guest bedroom and a guest bathroom; that way, your guests won’t have to use your bath. This space can always be used as an office or craft space when guests are not in town. Murphy beds, futons, and pullout couches work perfectly in part-time guest rooms. Another consideration is to choose a home layout with the master suite on a different floor or side of the home from the guest room. This will provide maximum privacy for both you and your guests.
  • Mother-In-Law Suite: Some houseguests visit frequently and stay for longer periods. These guests can benefit from having their own amenities. This often includes cooking facilities, bathroom, bedroom, and common space. The layout can range from a studio style to separate rooms for kitchen and bedroom. Mother-in-law suites work beautifully for senior family members, nannies, or recent graduates who live with you but also need their own space. Our real estate team can help you search for a home with an existing mother-in-law suite or provide referrals to experts to help add one to your current home.
  • Guesthouse: A guesthouse or pool house has similar benefits and layout as a mother-in-law suite. The difference is a guesthouse is separate from your home. This is a more permanent solution providing the maximum privacy, as guests have their own entrance as well as self-catering amenities. Ask us about Florida homes with guesthouses and other amenities to meet your needs. We can also provide referrals to design experts.

Houseguests are an important part of life, and we want to make sure you have the perfect home for both you and your guests. The Greater Tampa Bay Area provides a wonderful place for you and your guests to enjoy. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for more information about buying, selling, and investing in Florida real estate.