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Tips for Tampa Household Pets and Immunizations

-Tips for Tampa Household Pets and Immunizations- August marks National Immunization Awareness Month for both people and pets.  It is a perfect time to discuss the serious matter of vaccinations, immunizations, and preventative measures for household pets living around the surrounding Tampa Bay region. Pet Vaccines, Immunizations, and Medications Our real estate team has done […]

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7 Summer Tips for a Cooler Home

– 7 Summer Tips for a Cooler Home – It is not always easy to keep your home cool, especially with the Greater Tampa Bay Area seeing record heat advisories this summer.  Undoubtedly, air conditioning is essential in Florida. Our state has high temperatures and high populations of seniors, who are most susceptible to heat-related […]

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Tampa’s 3 Hot Real Estate Communities

– Tampa’s 3 Hot Real Estate Communities – As the Greater Tampa Bay Area enters our hottest days of summer, we are highlighting the hottest types of real estate communities around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. Tampa Area Benefits for Buyers and Sellers Our region steadily offers a fantastic seller’s market and a resilient buyer’s […]

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10 Tips for Transitions to New Communities  

-10 Tips for Transitions to New Communities-  One of the most exciting parts of moving can be the opportunity for joining a new community in the Greater Tampa Bay area.  Transitions to new communities might be intimidating for some of us, especially if we have spent many years in one place. For example, perhaps you […]

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8 Greater Tampa Bay Downsizing Bonuses

-8 Greater Tampa Bay Downsizing Bonuses- Greater Tampa Bay real estate professionals often tout the benefits of up sizing to spacious homes with larger rooms and bigger yards.  Have you, however, considered the huge bonuses for downsizing in our area? This summer, we have come up with a sizzling list of 8 great reasons why […]

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Tampa Storm Preparedness Events and Tips

– Tampa Storm Preparedness Events and Tips – Florida homeowners around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties are preparing for potential storms and hurricanes this summer.  With the right education and preparation, you may find peace of mind in knowing that you, your family, and your home are ready to weather the storm. Here are some […]

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5 FUN Father’s Day Gifts

– 5 Fun Father’s Day Gifts – Families all around the Greater Tampa Bay Area will be celebrating Father’s Day with barbeques, golf outings, and events to wine and dine the men in their lives.  Fathers and Grandfathers deserve to be showered with great gifts this month.  Although if you are like us, you might […]

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Suburban Growth Surrounds Tampa Bay

-Suburban Growth Surrounds Tampa Bay- The Greater Tampa Bay Area is experiencing continuous growth from Pasco County down to South Hillsborough County.  Here are highlights about developments around Riverview, Apollo Beach, Wesley Chapel, and southern parts Hillsborough and Pasco Counties. Riverview and Apollo Beach in Hillsborough County Florida’s real estate market is getting bigger and […]

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Tampa Bay Memorial Day Weekend

-Tampa Bay Memorial Day Weekend- Tampa homeowners as well as out-of-state folks visiting Florida for Memorial Day Weekend have opportunities to enjoy activities throughout the Greater Tampa Bay region. Local events include fun festivals in addition to special events to show support for our armed forces. You may find full details about formal ceremonies, parties, […]

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20 Dog-Friendly Spots around Tampa Bay

-20 Dog-Friendly Spots around Tampa Bay- May is National Pet Month, which is a perfect time to celebrate the joys of pet ownership.  There are both psychological and physiological benefits to bonding with a pet. Studies show that petting a cat or dog can actually help you relax. It may also help you reduce stress, […]

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4 Ways to Enjoy Mother’s Day around Tampa Bay

-4 Ways to Enjoy Mother’s Day around Tampa Bay- Finding things to do for Mother’s Day around the Greater Tampa Bay Area is easy. Our communities offer beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, and ample activities for people of all ages. From moms and aunts, to grandmothers and great-grandmothers, this spring holiday is a time to celebrate […]

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7 Homeowner Tips for Earth Day

-7 Homeowner Tips for Earth Day- We’re joining countries around the world to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. This year’s Earth Day centers on nature’s gifts to our planet and the protection of Earth’s millions of species. As homeowners, many of us recycle, shut the lights off upon leaving a room, unplug electronics that […]

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Spring Home Buying for Snowbirds

-Spring Home Buying for Snowbirds- Spring is a perfect time for snowbirds and retirees to delight in beautiful weather, partake in bountiful activities, and shop around for their dream home.  While everyone knows Florida is a great place to retire, we can narrow that down and say the Greater Tampa Bay Area specifically provides a […]

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7 Essentials for Finding a Retirement Community

-7 Essentials for Finding a Retirement Community- Florida consistently ranks as one of the best places for retirement in the United States. Enjoyable weather, reasonable pricing, and beautiful locations are all reasons people choose Florida for their golden years. Choosing a Florida retirement community goes beyond setting a budget and finding a great location.  In […]

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City Living Trends in Tampa

-City Living Trends in Tampa- When it comes to city living, the Greater Tampa Bay area is thriving with new developments and exciting opportunities for residents craving a live-work-play environment. Everyone knows that residential real estate in our region ranges from quaint coastal towns to sprawling suburban neighborhoods, but residential trends toward urban living have […]

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5 Ways to Declutter Your Home

-5 Ways to Declutter Your Home- Three-day weekends provide a great opportunity to declutter your home. Many workplaces and businesses are closed for Presidents’ Day, which is celebrated annually on the third Monday in February to honor past presidents and recognize their achievements. Although in modern times, it has become notorious for big winter sales. […]