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Mortgage Solutions for Florida Homeowners

-Mortgage Solutions for Florida Homeowners- Florida homeowners across the Greater Tampa Bay area are venturing back into society as communities rebound from closures and restrictions. Not bouncing back as quickly is economic stability.  Fortunately, homeowners with financial hardships are finding mortgage help through forbearance programs and other payment deferral solutions. 5 Facts about Forbearance and […]

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10 Outdoor Dining and Décor Ideas

-Outdoor Dining and Décor- Let’s talk about stylish options for outdoor dining at home in Florida. As folks across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties continue to search for creative ways to entertain ourselves at home, it makes sense to discuss the joys of outdoor dining in the fresh spring air. 10 Simple Ways to Add […]

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8 Adoption Tips for National Pet Month

-National Pet Month- May is National Pet Month, and our real estate team is thrilled to know that many families are welcoming cats and dogs into their Tampa Bay area homes.  News organizations and local pet rescues have reported increased adoption rates in recent months due to stay-at-home orders associated with COVID-19. Spending more time […]

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How to Make Memorial Day Special

-Memorial Day 2020- Memorial Day is usually bustling with activities to celebrate veterans and public events to remember and honor our fallen soldiers.  Due to recent months of losses, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing, however, it makes sense for 2020 events to be more solemn and subdued than Memorial Day celebrations in our past. As […]

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Ways to Wow Women this Mother’s Day

-Mother’s Day 2020- As with many challenges in recent months, we will need to search for creative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020.  Folks around the Greater Tampa Bay area will likely be spending Mother’s Day at home this year, which might be a new concept for sociable Floridians.  Whether you plan something at your […]

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5 Timely Tips for Energy-Efficient Homes

-5 Timely Tips for Energy-Efficient Homes- Folks across the Greater Tampa Bay area might notice their energy bills going up in costs due to higher than normal usage.  Why, you ask? Many Floridians are spending more time at home due to the recent weeks of closings and stay-at-home guidelines. That’s why our Tampa Bay area […]

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5 Fun Ideas for Productive Home Activities

5 Fun Ideas for Productive Home Activities Homeowners across the Greater Tampa Bay area are spending more time at home. Fortunately, for Floridians looking for fun home activities, the springtime offers us beautiful weather for enjoying garden activities or completing indoor projects with the windows open to circulate fresh air. Useful and Fun Spring Home […]

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Supporting Tampa Bay’s Pet Community

Supporting Tampa Bay’s Pet Community Thousands of pet owners live in the Tampa Bay area, and there is often an uptick in pet-focused festivities and fundraisers during springtime.  Unfortunately, many events are being canceled or postponed.  This means fundraising opportunities have been lost for many pet organizations.  If you want to help support the pet […]

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Tampa Bay Spring Event Updates

–Tampa Bay Spring Event Updates- Due to the Coronavirus, all sorts of festivities and events are being postponed around the Tampa Bay area this spring. Yes, there has been a lot of news about sporting event cancellations, but there are also unique festivities across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties to check on for changes and […]

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8 Tips for Seniors Springing into a New Home

-8 Tips for Seniors Springing into a New Home- Perhaps you are downsizing for your retirement years, or maybe you are looking to join a Tampa Bay community for active seniors. Whatever your reason for moving, we have some terrific tips for seniors.  Spring is a great time for seniors, retirees, and snowbirds to discover […]

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5 Stylish Types of Homes in Tampa Communities

-5 Stylish Types of Homes in Tampa Communities- You might see a house you love because of its style or architecture, but imagine falling in love with an entire neighborhood of stylish homes.  This can happen in the Tampa Bay area, which offers unique homes in communities featuring everything from waterfronts to cityscapes. Tampa Communities […]

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Florida Home Trends for Outdoor Spaces

-Florida Home Trends for Outdoor Spaces- For most Americans, January might not seem like the ideal month for lounging on the patio, but enjoying outdoor spaces is a fantastic winter pastime for Florida homeowners. Tampa’s mild winter temperatures feel more comfortable than most other months of our year.  That is why our real estate team […]

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Warm Winter Events across Tampa Bay

-Warm Winter Events across Tampa Bay- While other parts of the country are scaling back on outdoor events, the Greater Tampa Bay area is heating up with a variety of outstanding festivals and winter extravaganzas. Our real estate team has listed a sampling of upcoming winter events you won’t want to miss. 2020 Gasparilla Season […]

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Florida Home Storage Tips and Solutions

-Florida Home Storage Tips and Solutions- A Florida home with plenty of storage options is important to snowbirds, empty nesters, and most other Floridians.  We all do our best to donate items and keep our homes clear of clutter, but there are always things leftover that we need stored for life’s “what if” moments or […]