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5 Stylish Types of Homes in Tampa Communities

-5 Stylish Types of Homes in Tampa Communities- You might see a house you love because of its style or architecture, but imagine falling in love with an entire neighborhood of stylish homes.  This can happen in the Tampa Bay area, which offers unique homes in communities featuring everything from waterfronts to cityscapes. Tampa Communities […]

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Florida Home Trends for Outdoor Spaces

-Florida Home Trends for Outdoor Spaces- For most Americans, January might not seem like the ideal month for lounging on the patio, but enjoying outdoor spaces is a fantastic winter pastime for Florida homeowners. Tampa’s mild winter temperatures feel more comfortable than most other months of our year.  That is why our real estate team […]

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Warm Winter Events across Tampa Bay

-Warm Winter Events across Tampa Bay- While other parts of the country are scaling back on outdoor events, the Greater Tampa Bay area is heating up with a variety of outstanding festivals and winter extravaganzas. Our real estate team has listed a sampling of upcoming winter events you won’t want to miss. 2020 Gasparilla Season […]

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Florida Home Storage Tips and Solutions

-Florida Home Storage Tips and Solutions- A Florida home with plenty of storage options is important to snowbirds, empty nesters, and most other Floridians.  We all do our best to donate items and keep our homes clear of clutter, but there are always things leftover that we need stored for life’s “what if” moments or […]

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Tis’ the Season to Enjoy Tampa Communities

-Tis’ the Season to Enjoy Tampa Communities- There is no time like December to celebrate the joys of living in Florida.  Tampa communities boast beautiful settings during the holidays and throughout the winter months, offering plenty of sunshine and an array of things to do around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. Our real estate team […]

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3 Bright Ideas for Tampa Bay’s Holidays

-3 Bright Ideas for Tampa Bay’s Holidays- If you are in search of bright lights and holiday spectacles around the Greater Tampa Bay area, then look no further.  We have festive ideas to celebrate the season.  Whether you enjoy looking at twinkling lights, or you want to get active at a charity event, here are […]

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Community Involvement Time for Tampa Bay

-Community Involvement Time for Tampa Bay- The holiday season can inspire us all to be more active in our communities.  Lucky for us, the Greater Tampa Bay Area offers countless opportunities for local socializing and community involvement.  Here you will find an array of suggestions for joining in the fun and philanthropy. Great Ways to […]

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3 Tips for a Homey Thanksgiving Setting

-3 Tips for a Homey Thanksgiving Setting- A family dining room is the quintessential setting for Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving tables are traditionally loaded with potato dishes, stuffing, gravy, turkey, and pumpkin pie, of course.  In addition to all of those comfort foods, it is important to remember that everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. […]

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How to be a Safety Savvy Senior 

-How to be a Safety Savvy Senior – Among the many jobs homeowners have to do, safety management is top of the list, particularly for seniors.  Arthritis, fatigue, medical conditions, and unforeseen injuries can all enhance our needs for a safer home.  The good news is that a few simple alterations can help prevent accidents […]

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4 Tips for Bringing Home a Senior Pet

-4 Tips for Bringing Home a Senior Pet- Celebrate senior pets by spreading the word that November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month.  Pet rescue centers, animal non-profits, and shelters across the Greater Tampa Bay Area and the nation need to find forever homes for many senior pets. If you or someone you know […]

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6 Home Savvy Tips for the Fall Time-Change

-Fall Time-Change and 6 Home Savvy Tips- Homes around the Greater Tampa Bay Area are bustling with activity this time of year.  Holiday decorating, party plans, and endless to dos are top of mind.  The fall time-change is fast approaching, which makes now an important time to set a plan for seasonal adjustments to create […]

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9 Greater Tampa Bay Area Halloween Events

-Halloween Events Around the Greater Tampa Bay Area- Nothing screams Halloween like trick-or-treating and late night fun, but there are also plenty of daytime Halloween events for kids of all ages to enjoy around the Greater Tampa Bay Area. As real estate professionals, we understand that many happy homeowners will want to stay home and […]

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Tampa Real Estate Trends for Autumn 2019

-3 Tampa Real Estate Trends for Autumn 2019- The leaves may not be changing colors, but milder temperatures are helping to make it feel like autumn around the Tampa Bay area.  It seems the change of seasons, however, has not cooled the hot market for Tampa real estate, which continues to sizzle for buyers and […]

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5 Tips for National Good Neighbor Day

-5 Tips for National Good Neighbor Day- Hey, neighbor.  Get ready to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day on September 28. This lesser known holiday dates back to the 1970s, when President Jimmy Carter proclaimed a day to recognize the benefits of being a good neighbor and giving back to a community.  Over the years, civic […]

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Why We Enjoy Downsizing to Empty Nests

-Why We Enjoy Downsizing to Empty Nests- If you want a home life that brings you greater happiness, consider the joys of an empty nest. A recent study showed that parents in empty nests are happier than older adults who never raised kids.  The one caveat was that those happy parents lived in an empty […]

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10 Moving Tips for Southbound Snowbirds

-10 Moving Tips for Southbound Snowbirds- September is in full swing, which means southbound snowbirds are flocking to their beloved Florida homes.  The Greater Tampa Bay area’s warm coastal communities offer the perfect nesting spots for retirees and southbound snowbirds looking to enjoy the sun and fun all winter long. Our real estate team often […]

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5 Ways to Spend Labor Day in Tampa Bay

-5 Ways to Spend Labor Day in Tampa Bay- Labor Day is synonymous with back-to-school activities, sporting events, and the anticipation of fall.  This year is no exception.  The Greater Tampa Bay Area offers a fantastic array of baseball games, shows, and food festivals to match all tastes. Our real estate team has compiled a […]