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-10 Benefits of Tampa Bay Homeownership-

The American dream of owning a home remains vivid as Floridians celebrate National Homeownership month.  Today, a growing number of Tampa Bay area homebuyers are anxiously looking to find their dream home and reap the benefits of homeownership.

As always, we enjoy helping buyers and sellers navigate the Florida real estate market. From helping Millennials buy their first house in the suburbs, to helping seniors seamlessly downsize into the luxuries of condo life – our real estate team loves seeing customers discover the joys of owning their dream home in the Greater Tampa Bay area.

Reasons to Celebrate National Home Ownership Month

  1. Return on Investment: To put it mildly, Florida’s real estate market has been red hot. Reports show home sales surged last year, and the trend continues today. With low interest rates offering affordable monthly mortgage costs, coupled with a rapid increase in rising home values, homebuyers could quickly see above average price gains on their investment.
  2. Long-Term Appreciation: In addition to the potential of quick returns and equity, homebuyers can also look forward to future appreciation. Cumulatively and historically, home values have risen annually across Florida for decades.
  3. Wealth Builder: In contrast to blowing money on rent, every dollar you put into your home is an investment into your own wealth. When it comes time to move to a new place, you can cash in on all of the financial savings and value you have built as a homeowner.
  4. Potential Write-Offs: From the moment you buy your home, to the monthly mortgage payments, there are potential write-offs and tax benefits to consider, such as mortgage interest deductions.
  5. Florida Property Taxes: Caps on property tax deductions greatly impacted high-tax states like New York and California in recent years. Florida, however, averages more affordable property tax rates, keeping our Sunshine State attractive to buyers and investors.
  6. Control and Stability: Outright owning a home or paying a fixed-rate mortgage gives you control over a stable budget and a secure home, as opposed to the dangers of a property owner raising your rent or a change in rental circumstances that might cause you to move out of a rental unit.
  7. Complete Personalization: As a homeowner, you are free to fully customize and personalize your surroundings. Whether you paint the walls bright blue, or you install a big fountain in the backyard – you generally have the right to decorate and accentuate as you please.
  8. Joys of Community: Owning a home in the Tampa Bay area brings great joys for families, couples, and individuals who want to feel part of a local community.  Long-term living in one place affords you the time to build quality relationships with neighbors and garner special treatment as a regular at local businesses in your area.
  9. Stylish Spaces for Living: Homeownership in Florida, particularly, offers you a wide selection of architectural styles to enjoy. Simply imagine your dream life in a beautiful beach house, ranch-style pool home, luxury villa, art deco condo, traditional bungalow, or contemporary townhome with waterfront amenities and other lifestyle perks.
  10. Sprawling Communities: There is no shortage of community options to live your best life in the Tampa Bay region – from vibrant city living and traditional suburbs across Tampa, down to new developments in southern Hillsborough County areas, over to the gorgeous Pinellas County beach communities, and up to Pasco County’s thriving Wesley Chapel area.

Our real estate team is prepared to help you find your dream home, navigate the buying process, and negotiate the best price to help you reap the benefits of Florida life. Call Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for more information.