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5 Tips for National Good Neighbor Day

-5 Tips for National Good Neighbor Day- Hey, neighbor.  Get ready to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day on September 28. This lesser known holiday dates back to the 1970s, when President Jimmy Carter proclaimed a day to recognize the benefits…
Tampa Labor Day
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5 Ways to Spend Labor Day in Tampa Bay

-5 Ways to Spend Labor Day in Tampa Bay- Labor Day is synonymous with back-to-school activities, sporting events, and the anticipation of fall.  This year is no exception.  The Greater Tampa Bay Area offers a fantastic array of baseball games,…
Home Pet Medicine
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Tips for Tampa Household Pets and Immunizations

-Tips for Tampa Household Pets and Immunizations- August marks National Immunization Awareness Month for both people and pets.  It is a perfect time to discuss the serious matter of vaccinations, immunizations, and preventative measures for…
Tampa Home Real Estate
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7 Tips to Secure an Empty Home

-7 Tips to Secure an Empty Home- Whether you are traveling to faraway places for a weekend or for months, it is important to take steps to secure your empty home while you are away. Many homes are sitting vacant across the Greater Tampa…
Cool Down
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7 Summer Tips for a Cooler Home

- 7 Summer Tips for a Cooler Home - It is not always easy to keep your home cool, especially with the Greater Tampa Bay Area seeing record heat advisories this summer.  Undoubtedly, air conditioning is essential in Florida. Our state has high…
Moving Tips
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7 Summer Moving Solutions for Tampa Bay

-7 Summer Moving Solutions for Tampa Bay- Moving to a new home can be an overwhelming transition, which is why simplifying the moving process is important.  If you are making a move during the hot summer months in Florida, plenty of preparation…
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10 Tips for Transitions to New Communities  

-10 Tips for Transitions to New Communities-  One of the most exciting parts of moving can be the opportunity for joining a new community in the Greater Tampa Bay area.  Transitions to new communities might be intimidating for some of us,…
Tampa Rainy Season Storm
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Tampa Storm Preparedness Events and Tips

- Tampa Storm Preparedness Events and Tips - Florida homeowners around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties are preparing for potential storms and hurricanes this summer.  With the right education and preparation, you may find peace…
Suburban Growth Tampa
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Suburban Growth Surrounds Tampa Bay

-Suburban Growth Surrounds Tampa Bay- The Greater Tampa Bay Area is experiencing continuous growth from Pasco County down to South Hillsborough County.  Here are highlights about developments around Riverview, Apollo Beach, Wesley Chapel,…
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20 Dog-Friendly Spots around Tampa Bay

-20 Dog-Friendly Spots around Tampa Bay- May is National Pet Month, which is a perfect time to celebrate the joys of pet ownership.  There are both psychological and physiological benefits to bonding with a pet. Studies show that petting a…
Tampa Mothers
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4 Ways to Enjoy Mother’s Day around Tampa Bay

-4 Ways to Enjoy Mother’s Day around Tampa Bay- Finding things to do for Mother’s Day around the Greater Tampa Bay Area is easy. Our communities offer beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, and ample activities for people of all ages. From…
Tampa Real Estate
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City Living Trends in Tampa

-City Living Trends in Tampa- When it comes to city living, the Greater Tampa Bay area is thriving with new developments and exciting opportunities for residents craving a live-work-play environment. Everyone knows that residential real…
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4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Pet

- 4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Pet - Choosing a family pet may be one of the most important decisions made in your household.  Different factors could dictate the kind of pet to bring home -- whether you have a home with a big yard in…
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Top 10 Tampa Places to Get Fit

Top 10 Tampa Places to Get Fit - The New Year is fast approaching, and many of us are looking for ways to get fit and improve our health in 2019.  There are countless fitness options for those of us living around Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater,…
Tampa Bay Festivities
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New Year’s Eve Ideas for Tampa Bay

New Year’s Eve Ideas for Tampa Bay - Many Florida homeowners look forward to watching the ball drop from the comfort of their own living room.  Others, however, enjoy making big plans for a night on the town.  To help with the planning,…
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How Floridians Celebrate the Holidays

Florida may not have snowmen and icicles, but we have holiday spirit. From festivities to fantastic shopping, the holiday season is in full swing around the Greater Tampa Bay area. Neighborhoods across our region will be hosting tree lightings,…
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How to Honor Veterans Around Tampa Bay

Special events will take place on November 11 and surrounding days to honor U.S. veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  In addition to parades, festivals, and ceremonies, several local restaurants, parks, theaters, museums, and…
Halloween Tampa Neighborhoods
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Halloween Happenings 2018 - Greater Tampa Bay Area

The Greater Tampa Bay area is famous for its Halloween activities. Events are happening across our area for kids and adults of all ages. If popping popcorn and watching a horror flick at home doesn’t get you into the Halloween spirit, here…
Tampa Golf Men
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How Tampa Locals Play Tourist

Homeowners across Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and surrounding areas have many reasons to love Florida life on a year-round basis. People from around the world come to our area for fantastic adventures and waterfront tranquility.  Generally,…
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3 Things to Do Labor Day Weekend

Florida's weather is still sizzling hot, but we seem to consider Labor Day as the end of summer.  Celebrated on the first Monday in September, Labor Day ushers in a new school year, hectic fourth-quarter schedules, and a feeling of a new season. In…
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5 Top Trends for Florida Rooms

Floridians live in a vacation paradise, and it makes sense for us to create spaces in our homes that exude a vacation vibe.  A great way to do this is by designing a Florida room or creating a serene, spa-like room to enjoy during your staycations…
Tampa Pet
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4 Easy Donation Items for Pet Shelters

Did you know there are items around your home to give to local pet shelters?  Most people know shelters and rescue centers are always in need of monetary donations and fresh food supplies, but there are also household items you could donate…
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Three Ways Tampa Thanks Veterans

The Greater Tampa Bay area offers vast support for our veterans, retired military, active duty, and their families on a year-round basis.  It’s not surprising that Veterans Day would be a major celebration in our beloved communities. Our…
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Tampa Bay’s Craft Beer Connection: Buzzing Then and Now

Over the past month, this area has been buzzing with beer events.  Tampa Bay Beer Week was in early March, featuring so many craft brews from Florida that not every brewery could participate!  That’s a far cry from the time when this event…
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What’s New in Wesley Chapel?

New Restaurants, New Stores Planned for the Tampa Premium Outlet Mall area; Florida Hospital Center Ice Facility Targeting Late Summer Opening. If you’ve driven past the Tampa Premium Outlet mall lately, then you know what a busy retail destination…