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-Dogs Looking for Homes in Tampa Bay-

In celebration of National Dog Day on August 26, our pet-friendly real estate team is shedding light on Tampa Bay area dogs looking for homes. We often help Floridians, empty nesters, and snowbirds find homes in our beautiful region, but we would love to encourage you to help a local dog or cat in need of a home.

A survey released in May 2021 by ASPCA stated 23 million households brought home a new pet during the pandemic. Past ASPCA’s reports, however, have also shown that 6 million animals statistically end up in shelters each year. The 2021 shelter stats could be rising even higher due to factors of the on-going pandemic and other economic struggles. In response, Tampa Bay shelters have put out urgent alerts for pets looking for homes.

How Homeowners in the Tampa Bay Community Can Help

In recent months, you may have seen a report or received a letter from a shelter emphasizing a desperate need for support. Typically, donations to shelters and rescue centers decline over the summer months, which is unfortunate because summer is also peak breeding season. Staff and volunteers have been stretched thin caring for hundreds of puppies and kittens arriving at shelters, while also needing to find homes for many adult animals and senior pets.

In honor of National Dog Day, consider making a tax-deductible gift to a local non-profit or no-kill shelter to help homeless animals. Better yet, if you are a Tampa Bay homeowner with room in your home and in your heart for a new pet, here are a few pet organizations in our area:

Hillsborough County:

– Humane Society of Tampa Bay in Tampa

– Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in Tampa

– Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue in Tampa

– St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa

Pinellas County:

– Friends of Strays Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg

– Humane Society of Pinellas in Clearwater

– Pinellas County Animal Services in Largo

– SPCA Tampa Bay in Largo

Pasco County:

– Pasco County Animal Services in Land O’ Lakes

– Humane Society of Pasco County in Spring Hill

– SPCA Suncoast in Newport Richey

Thank you for helping dogs and other pets looking for homes. We consider pets an important part of our family, which means they are also part of the real estate process. Let us help you sell your property or find a perfect home to enjoy with your dogs, cats, birds, and other pets.

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