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-How to Downsize to an Upgraded Lifestyle-

Are you ready to downsize your home life? The answer might depend on whether you consider the definition of “downsizing” to be the process of reducing clutter or the idea of moving into a smaller home. Our Florida real estate team often touts the benefits of organizing your living spaces, but there are also excellent bonuses for downsizing to a smaller home, including the significant cost savings to your mortgage and utility bills. That’s more money in your pocket.

If you live in a big home now, but you’d love to downsize to a waterfront condo or move to a more enjoyable community – then here is your game plan for achieving your dream lifestyle.

5 Tips for Downsizing to a Fantastic Florida Home
  1. Think Small: If you’re worried about having less square footage, a great solution is furnishing the home with items designed for smaller spaces. Smaller-sized appliances and over-the-range microwaves can create added space in kitchens, while apartment-size sofas and storage-bedframes ensure you don’t overcrowd smaller rooms. Simply give us a call if you are hesitant to consider downsizing. We can show you fantastic properties and provide space-saving ideas to help you make the transition.
  2. Expand Your Territory: If one of the rooms in your current home is full of workout equipment, or perhaps you have a game room with a pool table, our suggestion would be to sell those items and embrace an active-living community or neighborhood with a gym or other amenities for residents. For example, most of Tampa Bay’s 55-and-over communities offer recreational activities, high-end workout centers, deluxe game rooms, swimming pools, or other HOA perks.
  3. Forgo the Garage: Not requiring a garage can be a key to opening up your home-search options. Eliminating clutter, of course, reduces the need for a garage, but you may also consider freeing yourself from car ownership.  Gulf coast communities and the metro areas of Tampa have beautiful condos and homes within a stone’s throw of grocery stores and restaurants. Senior-living communities and amazing high-rise units in walkable areas almost make car expenses seem silly.
  4. Stay Organized: In addition to reducing clutter and cleaning, the idea of staying organized also refers to systems and functionality. Smaller spaces tend to look messier and get cluttered quicker than larger spaces, which means you’ll want to have a place for everything.  Attractive storage cabinets, colorful bins, drawer organizers, curtain dividers, hideaway furnishings, and space-saving items you might find at Ikea can be useful for keeping you happily organized in a cozy space.
  5. Go Digital: You’ve been building wonderful memories your entire life, and you’ve likely also acquired a lot of stuff. Once you have donated or sold as many unnecessary items as possible, it’s time to shrink the sentimental storage load. This can be done by going digital. Simply snap photos or scan precious photos, documents, and other items to store in the “cloud” or on a computer.  That means no more dusty boxes.  Your precious memories will be available anytime at your fingertips.

Native Floridians, snowbirds, and new residents alike all know the Greater Tampa Bay area is a fabulous place for homeowners of all ages. Our team makes the buying and selling process as seamless as possible for our customers, and we enjoy helping you each step of the way.

We are excited to help you with life transitions. Our real estate team specializes in helping Florida seniors prepare for downsizing or moving between homes.  Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for expert advice on downsizing, buying, or selling your home.