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-8 Energy-Saving Home Updates to Boost Value-

Home updates are wonderful ways to boost the value of your home.  As real estate experts serving customers across the Tampa Bay area, we often advise customers to choose their home updates wisely for maximum ROI.  In addition to bath and kitchen remodels, wise investments often include energy-saving home updates.

Real Estate Upgrades with ROI for Tampa Bay Area Homeowners

With the celebration of Earth Day this month, now is a great time to think about eco-friendly ways to save energy. Specifically, here are appliance upgrades and home improvement ideas for homeowners wanting to lower utility costs, boost property value, or attract homebuyers.

  • Enjoy new appliances: Who doesn’t love the luxury of a new washer/dryer, refrigerator, or dishwasher? You could quickly recover purchase costs of energy-efficient appliances.
  • Update your HVAC system: Nearly half of electricity costs could be going to air conditioning and heating. A highly efficient HVAC system will help control those costs.
  • Upgrade your windows: In addition to cash-rebates and electricity savings, new windows and doors are an airtight way to boost home value.
  • Invest in Insulation: Add value, appeal to homebuyers, and seal the deal on lower energy costs by insulating attic spaces, updating ductwork, or installing a new roof.
  • Set up some shrubs: Give your AC unit a break by adding shrubs or plants outside your first-floor windows to block out the hot sun from heating indoor spaces.
  • Plant a tree: Add curb appeal and celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree. Consult with an expert regarding the ideal location for growing a natural canopy to shield your home.
  • Add a skylight: This is the sunshine state, so enjoy it. Reduce your use of lightbulbs and electricity by installing skylights to optimize sunlight and enhance ambiance.
  • Invest in solar panels: A solar-energy system provides an affordable way to generate electricity in a home. Plus, it could make you the most modern home on the block.

Also, check with your utility company regarding money-saving energy solutions. For example, Tampa Electric Company’s website offers tips and rebates at www.tampaelectric.com.

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