Empty Nests, Florida

-Why We Enjoy Downsizing to Empty Nests-

If you want a home life that brings you greater happiness, consider the joys of an empty nest. A recent study showed that parents in empty nests are happier than older adults who never raised kids.  The one caveat was that those happy parents lived in an empty nest, wherein the children they raised had moved out of the home.

Interestingly, the study suggested that some of that happiness came from the socializing aspect of enjoying their adult children without having the obligation of caring for them in their home.

As real estate professionals, we have also observed empty nesters and retirees finding joy by downsizing to smaller homes requiring less maintenance. Overall, it appears empty nesters can’t help but enjoy the luxuries of more free time and the freedom of more personal space.

Reap the Financial Benefits of Empty Nests

Many homeowners in empty nests also enjoy making money by downsizing and selling their unnecessary stuff.  If the kids are grown and do not live in the home, do you really need all of that stuff?  Post things for sale via an online platform or social site, or go “old-school” and organize a garage sale.  If you have a substantial amount of stuff, consider hiring estate professionals to host an auction or estate sale.  All of the profits could add up to a down payment on a happy new home.

Remember, you could also be making a big profit on selling that big home with square footage you no longer need.  Our real estate market has been hot.  Florida’s 2019 summer sales reports showed higher median prices and more closings than compared to last year, which makes now a perfect time to sell your current home and downsize to a smaller or easier to care for home.

Downsize to an Ideal Florida Lifestyle

Also, downsizing can make your wallet seem much bigger because more amazing communities and neighborhoods may be within budget when shopping smaller.  There is often a lower sales price on homes with less square footage, and there is no shortage of move-in ready properties.

Florida developers are actively building new housing as our state’s population of seniors is on the rise.  In addition to local empty nesters downsizing to coastal condominiums and retirement communities, there has also been an influx in seniors from other states choosing Florida as their new, permanent residence.  This has added to the new-construction boom.

You can find new places popping up around the Channelside and Tampa Heights areas of Tampa, across the expanding coastal communities of Pinellas County, and down around Riverview and South Hillsborough. The Tampa Bay region also includes numerous newly built homes and allotments across the thriving areas of Wesley Chapel and South Pasco.

Find Fun in 55-and-Over Communities

For retirees, Tampa Bay’s active-living communities offer endless joys in the form of social activities, swimming pools, game rooms, and other amenities.  Our real estate team specializes in helping Florida seniors, empty nesters, snowbirds, and others prepare for downsizing or moving between homes.  We also enjoy helping to connect our customers with other experts in home and family matters. We look forward to helping you find happiness in your empty nest!

Contact us with any questions about homes and neighborhoods around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties. Call Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for professional real estate advice on downsizing, investing, buying, or selling your home.