Fall Florida Homes Change

-Why Fall 2020 is Your Time for Change-

Homeowners around the Greater Tampa Bay area are welcoming in a new season, and this time for change could not have come at a better time.  With the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on our society, Floridians are ready and willing to transition into a better season of life.  For many, that means moving to a new home.

Oftentimes, Fall is associated with change, as temperatures become mild and leaves transform into wild shades of reds and oranges.  In Florida, we enjoy autumn with earth-tone décor and pumpkin spice flavors on our menus, but we also welcome in ideal weather conditions for moving. As real estate professionals, we often see many Floridians choose Fall for buying and selling their homes, and this year will be no exception.  Here are a few reasons why Fall 2020 is your time for change:

1. Now is a Great Time to Sell in the Tampa Bay Area.

While it may seem counter-intuitive in today’s economic climate, now is actually a great time for home sellers.  Home sales surged in recent months in places around the U.S., and the trends show that buyers have been outnumbering sellers in the housing market.

Why? For starters, more buyers are on the hunt for a safe and happy home.  Perhaps all those stay-at-home orders forced us to analyze our surroundings and dream of a better place to call home.  Homebuyers are anxious to find something to fit their current needs, whether that’s a millennial yearning for a comfortable home with ample outdoor space to start an organic garden, or it is an empty nester wanting a smaller home with fantastic waterfront views to enjoy sunrises and sunsets.  Highly sought-after homes are igniting bidding wars in all parts of Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.

2. Florida Buyers can Make Big Gains in Today’s Market.

The housing outlook for home buyers in the sunshine state is looking sunny for Fall 2020.  Do not believe the myth that home prices will be falling like they did during the great recession in the early 2000s.  Despite the health crisis, today’s real estate trends show home prices continue to grow, meaning buying now could be a good investment in your future.

Notably, world events have led to record-low mortgage rates. Lower interest rates can drastically decrease your monthly payment, but it is important to seek the expert advice of a mortgage loan officer.  Our real estate team is always happy to provide referrals to experts specializing in helping buyers with residential mortgages.

3. Moving and Home Transitions are Easier in Fall 2020.

Home buying has never been easier with today’s virtual home tours, video conferencing, and electronic processing of signatures and paperwork. You will barely have to leave your current home in order to find and buy your Florida dream home, whether it’s in a rural or metro area.

Additionally, our real estate team has the moving experts and other resources — right now — to make your home buying dream a reality this Fall.  In fact, a seamless transition to a new home could be a wonderful new start before jumping into a more joyful 2021.

We specialize in helping customers prepare for downsizing, selling, buying, moving between homes, and enjoying the Florida lifestyle.  Call Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786.