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-From Family Traditions to New Home Trends-

Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving traditions in their family homes for hundreds of years. Thanksgiving became an official holiday in 1863, but multi-generational families have gathered for what was known as the annual “Harvest Celebration” since the 1600s. The tradition remains centered around giving thanks and enjoying a large feast with loved ones at home.

For many Floridians, this has often meant a drive to Grandma’s gulf coast condominium, or perhaps Grandpa visiting the grandkids in the suburbs for a big feast.  New trends, however, indicate that some families do not have to travel far at all to enjoy a big family meal together.

New Real Estate Trends in Multigenerational Living

As professional real estate experts, we have noticed a trend back to multi-generations living in close proximities. There was an old tradition of several generations living in the same household, but the new trend is families living in separate homes in the same neighborhood.

In other words, many seniors and empty nesters are moving to the same neighborhood as their adult children, and vice versa.  This trend has also sparked the development of planned communities comprised of 55+ developments next to multigenerational areas.

5 Reasons for Seniors to Move Closer to Family

It is a given that we spend extra time with family during Thanksgiving and other holidays.  Permanently moving closer to family is another story. Here are a few reasons why these new home trends are making sense and saving cents for folks living near loved ones.

  1. Family Time: Everyone can eliminate all the planning and travel time.  When living nearby, you will never miss another Thanksgiving, holiday, or birthday together.
  2. Financial Savings: Economic reasons could inspire a senior to affordably downsize to something smaller and closer to a family member. This option often proves less expensive than independent or assisted living facilities.
  3. Care and Support: Much like an assisted living community, your nearby family members could provide you support with your daily living needs and errands.
  4. Convenience: Due to size, space, or privacy issues, moving an aging parent into an adult child’s home is not always an option.  A nearby home in the same neighborhood, however, could be an effective solution and real estate investment.
  5. Simpler Home Life: Seniors enjoy safety benefits and reduce burdens by downsizing to a smaller home near family. During a home search, consider easy-to-care-for homes, one-story homes, duplexes, villas, or condos with elevators.

Our real estate team is here to support you when transitioning to new homes that best match your current lifestyle and goals.  We specialize in helping Florida seniors, empty nesters, snowbirds, and others prepare for downsizing or moving between homes.

Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving with your family! Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for professional real estate advice on downsizing, investing, buying, or selling.