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-Florida Home Storage Tips and Solutions-

A Florida home with plenty of storage options is important to snowbirds, empty nesters, and most other Floridians.  We all do our best to donate items and keep our homes clear of clutter, but there are always things leftover that we need stored for life’s “what if” moments or precious items that we want kept for family memories we hold dear.  That is why we have compiled a list of easy tips to help you divide and conquer your storage needs and goals.

Top 3 Home Storage Options for Floridians

Proper storage systems are important whether you are downsizing your current property, moving to a new home, or needing more space in your current place.

  1. Storage Facilities – Certain items like extra furniture, televisions, and appliances are too bulky for an attic space or cramped home. If you are moving, transitioning, or simply cannot let go of larger items, we suggest getting at least three estimates for storage facilities around the Greater Tampa Bay area. Prices vary in different neighborhoods.  In addition to local storage units varying by size and price, you also have options to rent pods or storage trailers from big names like U-HAUL and PODS.  With portable pods, often you can load or store items at your convenience in your own driveway.  Be sure to ask about insurance, locks, and security features when stowing your stuff. Remember, however, storage rental is an added monthly cost, so try to store only what is necessary.
  2. Attics and Garages – Most Floridians do not have basements; in turn, our attics, crawlspaces, and garages become a catchall for storage. Sturdy items such as extra chairs, lawn accessories, tools, spare kitchenware, and decorations may be put out-of-sight while remaining accessible in a garage or attic.  Unfortunately, attics and garages are not a safe space for delicate items and textiles susceptible to the damaging effects of heat, high humidity, and (dare we say it) pests.  Rather than over packing the attic or garage, consider donating unneeded items, hosting a garage sale, or renting a storage facility if needed.
  3. Closets and Cabinets – An interior closet or cabinet is best when it comes to important paperwork, off-season clothing, extra bedding, linens, family photos, precious heirlooms, and textiles. That way these items are protected and within reach. To add extra storage space inside your home, consider investing in space-saving storage beds with drawers, furniture with hidden cubbyholes, or hideaway storage cabinets to hold extra linens, mementos, and heirlooms.

Storing Delicate Items in Florida

In Florida, it is crucial to store photos, artwork, certificates, lace, and other delicate items in a special box, such as an acid-free cardboard box or metal box.  You can find plastic sleeves for photos and special storage containers at home goods stores around the Greater Tampa Bay area.  In addition, try to store your delicately packed items in a dark, dry, climate-controlled environment, preferably with temperatures around 75 °F.  We admit it is not easy in Florida, but it is also best to preserve delicate items in areas with less than 65 percent relative humidity levels.  If needed, consider investing in a dehumidifier for certain areas and situations.

With a bit of planning, you can rest assured that your items are stored safely and properly.

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