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-Florida Home Trends for Outdoor Spaces-

For most Americans, January might not seem like the ideal month for lounging on the patio, but enjoying outdoor spaces is a fantastic winter pastime for Florida homeowners.

Tampa’s mild winter temperatures feel more comfortable than most other months of our year.  That is why our real estate team has compiled some information about the latest Florida home trends to optimize your outdoor spaces.

Tips and Trends for Tampa Backyards and Outdoor Spaces

Here are a few ways for folks around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties to update outdoor spaces and enjoy your patios, decks, lawns, and pool areas.

  • Trending Textures: In addition to interior decorating, remember you can also update your outdoor spaces with the latest textures and trends. Today’s outdoor design options feature lavish-looking fabrics, earthy textures, and warm metal tones that are both beautiful and weather resistant. You can find everything from fancifully printed rugs that look like they belong in a formal living room, to plush waterproof sofas that are more comfortable than ones found inside many living rooms.
  • Classic Color Choices: As for color, homeowners are incorporating smoky purple, cool grey, and icy blue colors during these winter months. While rich hues have been popular for several years, it appears that more subtle tones and classic colors are making a comeback.  Pantone announced that its 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue. It is a similar shade to the sky at dusk, which makes it a perfect color to incorporate into your outdoor seating and décor.
  • Features and Vibes: You can have your pick of styles and vibes for outdoor spaces. Backyard spaces and patios can become a place for socializing or can be a personal retreat for lounging.  For relaxation, one of the best investments would be a comfortable outdoor sofa or chaise lounge for reading or sipping your favorite beverage.  Depending on your budget, you may add tranquility with a swimming pool, or more affordably add a water element with a soothing fountain.  If you’d like a social space, consider adding a fire pit for sitting fireside with friends and toasting marshmallows this winter.
  • Landscapes and Lights: Adding luscious greenery, colorful plants, or new outdoor lighting could dramatically improve the appearance of your outdoor space. In 2020, there is a limitless selection of modern porchlights and solar lights for your patios, decks, and pathways. Lights are also a money-saving trend, as some insurers will offer lower insurance rates for homes with security-boosting, motion-detection lights.
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