Halloween Home Pets Florida

-4 Fun Tips for Halloween At-Home in Florida-

October in Florida is fantastic, especially around the Tampa Bay Area. The weather is beautiful, the beaches are less crowded, and the holidays are brewing.  As your local real estate experts, we understand neighborhood events and Halloween planning will be a bit different for 2020, which is why we have compiled four frightfully fun tips for Halloween at home this year.

How Tampa Bay Homeowners Can Celebrate Halloween 2020
  • Indulge while Supporting Small Businesses: Many community events and parties might be canceled, but you do not have to skip the treats. Tampa Bay’s amazing local bakeries, such as Alessi Bakery, Dough, Moreno Bakery, La Segunda Central Bakery, Southern Bay Bakery, and others will still be baking up treats and pumpkin delights. This year, local businesses will not get to benefit from their usual event catering opportunities, which makes your patronage important.  Perhaps purchase some pumpkin-shaped cutouts for your family cookie jar or give your friends the gift of other Halloween-themed bakery delights. Sweet treats and gifts will help support small businesses and spread the Halloween spirit.
  • Put a New Twist on Trick-Or-Treating: Nothing screams Halloween like trick-or-treating, but most kids will not be hitting the streets this year.  Parents and grandparents can offer an at-home alternative for little ones wanting to put on a costume and hunt for treats. To play, the adults simply disperse and stand behind different closed doors inside and around the home (rooms, closets, etc.).  Then, the children go knocking room-to-room and door-to-door to demand treats. This can be a lot of fun, especially if the adults are willing to dress up in costume and surprise the kids with amazing treats or gifts when the door swings open.
  • Host a Virtual Costume Party: For those wanting to plan a group event, virtual costume parties will be all the rage. Sure, you could simply post a picture of yourself on social media, but why not conjure up a virtual costume contest for your friends and family.  Simply create an event and invite friends via Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Facetime, or another virtual platform.  You do not have to provide food or drinks, but you will need to host as MC and keep the party going. Play some music and announce rules for a costume contest allowing friends to vote on their favorite costumes. Plan for tiered prizes and categories, such as Most Creative, Most Scary, Best Couple’s Costume, and a Top Winner.
  • Scare Up Some Fun with Horror Movies: There has never been a better time to hit play on your favorite scary movie in the safe setting of your Tampa Bay area home.  From Hillsborough, to Pinellas, to Pasco Counties, Floridians can enjoy dimming the lights, popping popcorn, and immersing themselves into horror movies this Halloween.  Whether you choose a new thriller or a classic horror flick, your 2020 at-home Halloween can be just as frightful and fun as a Halloween night out on the town.

As local real estate consultants, we love to see our customers enjoying holiday fun at their Tampa Bay area homes. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for more information about neighborhoods, home buying, investing, and home selling throughout Florida.