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-6 Steps for Safe and Healthy Home Showings-

June is National Healthy Homes Month, which comes at a perfect time for those selling, buying, or preparing for home showings during this summer’s hot real estate market.

Since the start of the pandemic, homeowners and homebuyers alike have been prioritizing health and safety. From air quality to home cleanliness, there is a wide array of thoughts going through the minds of today’s buyers and sellers.

Yes, virtual tours and personal video-walkthroughs are great tools for evaluating a property. We understand, however, that traditional showings are still part of the real estate process.

Florida Home Showing Preparations for Summer 2021

  • Value-Added Updates: A top feature in today’s real estate market is an air-purification system to filter particles, reduce allergens, and kill airborne viruses like COVID-19. Air-purifying technologies as well as efficient HVAC systems, clean ductwork, new roofing, and airtight windows/doors can help increase home value, while supporting healthier indoor air.  Let us know if you would like referrals for Tampa Bay area project experts.
  • Disinfect for Cleanliness: Deep clean to eliminate odors and showcase a spotless home. Disinfecting will also protect against the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Importantly, a deep clean includes dusting off those ceiling fans, mopping, scrubbing, shampooing carpets, and cleaning baseboards. Also, be sure to change those A/C filters to trap and remove any dust and air particles you stirred up during the cleaning process.
  • Declutter Spaces and Closets: During the cleaning process, begin downsizing and getting rid of unnecessary items to make spaces feel larger, such as getting rid of old furniture and donating unused clothing. Wider walkways and cleared-out closets give buyers more room to walk around safely and appreciate all your home has to offer in terms of space.
  • Pre-Pack Your Personal Items: In addition to storing valuables and securing any personal belongings prior to home showings, consider packing items you will not need on a daily basis for living. Additionally, depersonalizing spaces will make the home more appealing to buyers; therefore, box up any knickknacks, store family portraits, reduce items on countertops, and remove magnets and clutter on refrigerator doors.
  • Prepare for the Showing Requests: After the decluttering and pre-packing is complete, there will still be signs of life in the home if you are living there during the sales process. Consequently, be sure to place dirty clothes in the hamper, wipe any breakfast crumbs off the counters, rinse out the coffee pot, run the vacuum, take out the trash, put away pet bowls, and sanitize areas before you and your pets hightail it out of there.
  • Set Protocols for Everyone’s Safety: In addition to local ordinances, the CDC issued various guidelines for safety during the pandemic. Showing protocols for realtors and prospective buyers can include wearing a mask, sanitizing hands and/or putting on gloves before going into the home, avoiding touching surfaces in the home, and not leaving any items or trash behind in the home after the showing.

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