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-6 To-Dos before Hiring Pet Sitters-

In honor of Professional Pet Sitters Week, celebrated March 3-10 this year, our real estate team has compiled a list of ideas and tips for making sure your pets are properly cared for when you’re not at home.

Tips for Choosing a Pet Sitter

You may have family members or friends to help care for your pets when you’re out of town, but many of us also rely on professional pet sitters to care for our furry friends.  Trained and licensed pet sitters are widely available through pet-sitting services and certified organizations, like Petsit.com or Rover.com. We’d suggest finding a CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter® with a complete background check; this is particularly important if they are also providing housesitting services.  Take time to review the chosen pet sitter’s online profiles, review qualifications, and verify references before making any decisions.

Things To Do before Leaving Your Pet

Regardless of who’s watching your pet, be sure to complete these items and leave detailed instructions for your pet sitters. Here are our top six things to do before leaving:

  • Tags and Microchips: Be sure your pets have updated tags on their collar and/or a microchip with up-to-date address and contact information in case your pet gets loose or lost. Obviously, also provide your pet sitter with the complete contact information for reaching you during your travels.
  • Vaccines and Flea Control: Make sure all essential vaccines are up to date and properly administer any necessary flea-and-tick control. This is important for your pet’s safety and a courtesy to the pet sitter.  Provide the pet sitter the direct contact information for your veterinary and directions to nearby animal hospitals in case of an emergency.
  • Food and Medications: Leave detailed instructions for food and medications, which are both critical for your pet’s health. Make sure the sitter understands your pet’s regular food schedule and explain how to administer any necessary medications. Have ample food, treats, and medication supplies to last the entire length of your time away.
  • Walks and Potty Schedules: Dogs and cats are creatures of habit, which means you’ll want to explain your pet’s routine to the pet sitter. Fido is quite used to his morning walks, afternoon romps, and evening tinkles, which means the sitter will want to keep things consistent.  Similarly, Miss Kitty may demand a certain scooping schedule, which means the sitter will also benefit from your litter-box scooping tips.
  • Rules and Supervision: Request the pet sitter to monitor a safe environment for your pet by either ensuring appropriate fencing or using a leash when taking your pet outdoors. Also, inform the sitter of your pet’s play schedule and ensure access to toys for playtime. This will provide your pet outlets to expend energy and reduce anxiety.
  • Sleeping and Comfort: Designated bedding and sleep schedules will help your pet feel comfortable with his or her routine while you are away. Providing this information will help your pet sitter keep your pet safe and comfortable until you return home.
As your pet-friendly real estate team, we also understand your pet’s feelings matter during a home search. Whether you are listing a property where a pet lives or you are searching for a new home with your furry friends, our real estate team is here to help during the entire home buying or home selling process. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786.