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Did you know there are items around your home to give to local pet shelters?  Most people know shelters and rescue centers are always in need of monetary donations and fresh food supplies, but there are also household items you could donate without spending a dime.

  1. Dishes, Bowls, and Containers: If you are making room for a new china set and are wondering what to do with your old, mismatched dishes – consider donating them to a local shelter.  Rescues and shelters may be able to use serving bowls for food and water. Containers and dishes could also help store food and treats.
  2. Blankets, Sheets, and Towels: You know your pets cherish their cozy spots in your home. Well, shelter cats and dogs also love to recline on something soft. They don’t care if it’s an old, outdated pattern. Just be sure to clean and wash your gently used linens before donating. In addition to bedding and crate areas, the staff may make use of blankets and towels in shelter clean-up areas and grooming facilities.
  3. Newspapers and Bags: Before tossing old newspapers and paper bags in the recycle bin, consider donating them to a local pet shelter or animal rescue center. These items can be used to line crates as well as used in clean-up areas. Also, those plastic grocery bags can be donated for the staff to use during walks and other clean-up activities.
  4. Office and Cleaning Supplies: Shelter operations go far beyond caring for abandoned animals.  There is a great deal of administrative work with staffing, adoption processing, and operations.  Things like computers, printers, staplers, tape dispensers, folders, paper, and calculators may be needed.  Of course, they also need cleaning products for keeping sanitary conditions for the animals. Simply check shelter websites or give them a call to ask about other items they may need.

For more information about donations and adoptions, we suggest reaching out to one of our area’s local shelters, resource centers, or rescues. A few local facilities include:

-Hillsborough County Animal Services (Tampa)
-Humane Society of Tampa Bay (Tampa)
-SPCA Tampa Bay (Largo)
-Pinellas County Animal Services (Largo)
-Humane Society of Pinellas (Clearwater)
-Friends of Strays No Kill Animal Shelter (St. Petersburg)
-Pasco County Animal Services (Land O’ Lakes)
-Humane Society of Pasco County (Spring Hill)
-Polk County Animal Control (Winter Haven)
-Humane Society of Polk County (Winter Haven)
-SPCA Florida Adoption Center (Lakeland)

As fellow pet parents, we would be thrilled to help you find a perfect home to enjoy with your beloved cats, dogs, and birds.  In addition to buying and selling real estate, we can offer suggestions or connect you with moving professionals and other home experts. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for more information.