Rainy Florida Home Replacements

-4 Home Replacements for Rainy Season-

As Floridians adjust our schedules for daily downpours and afternoon showers, we can also be updating our homes to survive the storms. Our Florida-based real estate team has a few rainy season tips and ideas for home replacements to protect your property.

Tampa Bay Real Estate Tips for Summer 2021


  1. Consider upgrading your roof and improving home insulation.

Beyond boosting the resale value of your home, a new roof can help protect you from rain and severe weather. Adding a stronger and more durable layer of protection will also help insulate your home. Consider adding insulation in your attic and throughout your home to help your air-conditioned spaces maintain a cool temperature during the hot summer months.  Let us know if you would like referrals for roofers and other experts in Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco.

  1. Invest in new doors and windows for protection against moisture.

Additionally, value-added home replacements include aesthetically appealing windows or entry doors. Updated windows and doors will help build a sealed barrier against high winds, rain, moisture, humidity, and pests. Best of all, reducing your indoor/outdoor air-loss can provide financial savings in your utility bills.  If high-end impact windows and new doors are not in your current home budget, consider adding hurricane shutters.

  1. Replace weakness with strength by installing reinforcements.

In addition to storm shutters for enhanced protection, consider installing hurricane straps and garage-door reinforcements to strengthen and protect the full exterior of your home.  Our Tampa real estate team is always happy to refer customers to licensed contractors ready to offer an array of solutions to protect you and your home this hurricane season.

  1. Monitor and secure your home’s exterior and pool areas.

This is an important time of year to evaluate any needs for home maintenance or exterior home replacements. Monitor your home’s foundation, wooden surfaces, siding, A/C unit, decks, porches, and stairs for any deterioration, corrosion, or water pooling that needs addressed. If you own a Florida home with a swimming pool, it is also a good idea to add a secure pool cover to keep out debris and acidic rain, and you may want to lower water levels before a rainstorm. After a severe storm, be sure to check the pool water’s pH before swimming.

As a reminder, Florida’s rainy weather can wreak havoc on lightweight or fragile patio furniture.  Be sure to move exterior items inside to a garage or sheltered areas during storms – or else those items may also end up needing replaced.

We hope these tips help your family stay safe throughout Tampa Bay’s rainy season. Our team specializes in helping customers downsize, sell, buy, and invest in Florida homes.  We also enjoy connecting customers with other experts in home matters. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for more information.