Time-Change, Clock

-Fall Time-Change and 6 Home Savvy Tips-

Homes around the Greater Tampa Bay Area are bustling with activity this time of year.  Holiday decorating, party plans, and endless to dos are top of mind.  The fall time-change is fast approaching, which makes now an important time to set a plan for seasonal adjustments to create a calm, restful, and happy home.

Fall Lifestyle Tips to Help Tampa Area Homeowners during the Time-Change

Daylight saving time ends on Nov. 3, 2019 for Florida homeowners.  Here are helpful time-change tips for Floridians turning back the clock.

  • Adjust Meal Times: Start adjusting your schedule now to help you ease into the change. Begin shifting your schedule in 15-minute increments before the time change.  That means eating 15 minutes later than usual tonight. Then increase it by 30 minutes later in the coming days, then 45 minutes later, until you ease into one-hour later.
  • Get Your Zzzz’s: Also, make incremental adjustments to fall into a consistent sleep schedule. Put the extra hour to good use and use it for sleep if possible. You will need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to keep up with all of the activities set for this busy season.
  • Stick to a Schedule: The days will be shorter with less daylight to get all of your tasks done.  If your family isn’t synched on a digital calendar via your mobile devices, consider going old-school by sticking an event calendar on the wall or hanging it on the refrigerator.  This will ensure that you and anyone else in the home doesn’t double-book any holiday events, dinner parties, appointments, or other obligations.
  • Set up a Sleep Sanctuary: Bedroom décor and design is critical to a good night’s sleep. To cope with the time-change, install light-blocking blinds, dim your lights, cover clock lights or other electronic light sources, and consider rearranging the room according to Feng Shui design methods.
  • Create a Calm Home: Consider some home upgrades to help you achieve a peaceful vibe throughout the busy holiday season and into the New Year. Add items for restful activities, such as a comfortable chair for reading, a sound system for filling your home with relaxing music, or (if budget allows) install a big garden tub for enjoying warm baths.
  • Feel the Fall Indoors: Earlier sunsets inspire us to settle into our homes earlier in the evenings. Enjoy this extra time at home by surrounding yourself with seasonal décor, such as earth-tone blankets, autumn-themed pillows, pumpkin spice candles, and colorful gourds in a bowl. We might live in Florida with year-round greenery and warm temperatures, but we can still enjoy the feeling of fall. If your home is currently for sale or on the market, autumn décor could also add warmth for showings and open houses.
Autumn activities are in full swing around the Greater Tampa Bay Area.  Our real estate team hopes these quick tips help homeowners enjoy happy homes and a stress-free season. If you’re a Florida resident needing assistance in finding the perfect home, investing, downsizing, or selling your current property, contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786.