Small Gardens Tampa Florida

– How Small Gardens Thrive –

Florida offers a fantastic setting for home gardens.  Around Tampa Bay, even the smallest of gardens are flourishing in backyards and on balconies alike.  Homeowners with a love for gardening can put their green thumb to good use, regardless of the size of their property.

As real estate experts, we have seen empty nesters and retirees happily transition from the tedious work of large gardens to the joyous hobby of patio and small-space gardening.  Retirees are not the only ones finding joy with small gardens.  With safer-at-home guidelines due to the pandemic, home gardening has grown in popularity for people of all ages around Tampa Bay.

8 Simple Steps for Starting a Home Garden in Florida

It is important to plan for making the most of a small side-yard garden at your suburban home, a patio garden at your urban townhouse, or a balcony garden at your Gulf coast condominium.  Here are simple steps for creating a small garden that thrives in Tampa Bay:

  1. Assess your space for size, conditions, wind, rain, shade, and sunlight.
  2. Consider the garden type (low or high maintenance) and the plant types you’d enjoy.
  3. Determine soil types, pH, and evaluate drainage for in-ground and/or potted plants.
  4. Research options for herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and companion plants to grow.
  5. Draft a layout and define your planting methods (such as low till or no till).
  6. Browse the web and visit a local nursery to select specific plants for your garden.
  7. Prep the space for planting, plant accordingly, and commit to a care plan.
  8. For support, ask us for a referral to a Professional Landscaper or a Master Gardener.

Suggestions for Container Plants and Small Gardens in Florida

Florida Native Plant Society’s website ( provides great lists of native plant options for Florida, including everything from sweet bay magnolia trees to sea myrtle shrubs. When considering a small garden space, however, your area may be conducive to purple passionflower vines, hanging tomatoes, or perhaps fast-growing, shallow-rooted greens like spinach or arugula in a side-yard area or in containers. Also, remember to choose companion plants to support growth or deter bugs away from your favorite fruits or vegetables.

We all enjoy adding herbs to our dishes, and Florida provides a wonderful, nearly year-round climate for basil, thyme, mint, parsley, and more.  Pots and containers with proper watering and sunlight may be all you need for a thriving herb garden.  You may also consider growing pineapples in pots or dwarf fruit trees, depending on your soil and sunlight.  Downsized fruit tree options for Florida include banana, dragon fruit, papaya, mango, fig, guava, and even dwarf citrus trees.

As real estate professionals, we fully support our customers in all matters of the home. Whether you need a referral for home and landscaping projects, or you need assistance buying or selling a home, contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786.