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Let’s face it: Floridians are in constant combat with insect invasions.  We want the best pest control, but many of us with pets fear harsh chemicals. Here is an overview for those who have pets but don’t like having pests.

Prevention: The safest pest control for families with pets is a preventative strategy. Eliminating moisture, sealing cracks and cleaning up debris are the first lines of defense.  Many destructive insects like termites and silverfish are attracted to moist areas around a home’s foundation, which is why it’s imperative to keep areas in and around your home moisture-free. How do you do that?  Clear away wet leaves and damp debris and apply weather stripping to windows and doors. Keeping areas within the home meticulously dry and sealed also helps stop bugs from entering. For example, be sure all dishes are completely dry before placing in your cupboards, don’t leave dishes to soak overnight and diligently seal all food in closed containers.  Bugs invade homes for food, water and shelter.  Your mission is to make your home an unappealing environment.

Natural Solutions: When you live in Florida, a few bugs are bound to get inside.  For minor issues, you may want to go the natural route.  Vinegar, dish soap, and essential oils are touted as natural solutions for pest control.  Spray a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution in areas where you want to repel ants. It will also kill ants if sprayed directly onto them. Similarly, you can spray dish soap solutions onto earwigs to kill them. If you fear silverfish, try essential oils like lavender or citrus as a deterrent. Importantly, keep your pets and their belongings away when using natural solutions because some can be toxic in certain quantities.

Chemical Pest Control: If you need a stronger line of defense, we recommend leaving pest control to the professionals.  Yes, there are products available in stores for do-it-yourself chemical sprays, but improper application could be putting your family pets at risk. As real estate experts, we would be happy to refer you to a local Tampa, St Petersburg, or Clearwater pest control expert to discuss your needs. It’s critical to alert service providers to the fact that you have pets in your home. In fact, some companies cater to families with pets by offering natural or citrus-based solutions that are less harmful.

Tenting and Fumigation: In cases of structure-destroying insects, termites, bedbugs, or severe infestations, it may be necessary to have your Florida home tented or fumigated.  In this case, you and your pets must leave the home for an extended period. Remove all of your pet’s food, treats, medications, leashes, collars, litter, bedding, dishes and toys from the home before fumigation.  Pets should not re-enter your home until the recommended amount of time has passed, depending on the product used.  Always confer with your professional fumigator for the best advice on your pet’s safety, and always tell your provider that you have pets when you are planning your home’s fumigation treatment.

We hope this overview encourages you to consider your pet’s safety before undertaking any pest control option. As always, consult with a veterinarian for comprehensive pet-care instructions.  As fellow pet parents, we would be thrilled to help you find a perfect home to enjoy with your beloved cats and dogs.  In addition to buying and selling real estate, we can also offer suggestions or connect you with experts in other home matters. Call Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for more information.

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