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5 Exciting Ideas for Empty Nesters – Tampa

-5 Exciting Ideas for Empty Nesters –

What a wonderful time it is to be empty nesters in Florida. With the holidays over and the excitement of a fresh new year, we now have plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of living in one of the most beautiful and active waterfront regions in the world.

The Greater Tampa Bay is a paradise for empty nesters and retirees.  Whether you are a new resident of the state of Florida, or you are a Tampa native interested in discovering new things to do around our area, we have tips and ideas to help you spread your wings and fly.

  • Start Being Adventurous: As an empty nester, you are in a perfect position to break free from old habits and mundane routines.  With fewer loads of laundry and less shopping, you have more time and energy to be adventurous.  Try a beginner’s yoga class for relaxation, sample appetizers at the restaurants on the river in Tampa Heights, or explore all of the new attractions at Sparkman Wharf in our revitalized Channelside District.
  • Map out Your Future: It’s time to focus on YOU! If you haven’t researched your options lately, you’ll find a world of opportunities for empty nesters and retirees. The next chapter of your life may include remodeling a spare room to accommodate your favorite hobbies (i.e., art studio, craft space, gym) or perhaps flying the coop for a new nest to begin your dream lifestyle.
  • Make a Big Move: If you are interested in home buying, forget about finding the best school district – this time you can do a search for your dream lifestyle. Empty nesters flock to the Greater Tampa Bay Area for its thriving entertainment scenes and natural attractions.  As real estate consultants, we are constantly updating our records with local statistics to provide the most useful neighborhood information for customers looking to downsize while optimizing amenities. We can help you find the perfect live-work-play environments around our area, or help you find a paradise setting with walkability and nearby attractions for an active retirement.
  • Embrace Your Extroverted Side: The Tampa area is ripe with opportunities for you to join local organizations to help the community. Nonprofits like Operation Helping Hand, Tampa Crossroads, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Humane Society provide great volunteer opportunities for those wanting to help veterans, children, or animals.  There are also countless social groups, book clubs, winetasting events, and senior “meet-ups” offering opportunities to meet new people, learn new things, and discover new places.
  • Become a Beach Bum: If you are looking for a more relaxing transition into this phase of life, consider becoming a beach bum.  You no longer have to spend your free time attending school events or helping with carpool.  It’s time to enjoy our beautiful beaches.   St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and surrounding beaches tout some of the warmest Gulf waters in the nation during winter months, averaging 60° to 70°water temperatures.

As full-service real estate professionals, we look forward to putting your needs first and helping you transition to the ultimate Florida lifestyle. Let us help you find the perfect home, downsize, or sell your current home – Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 today!