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Did you know pets could help lower your stress levels and ward off depression?  Anyone with a cuddly cat or beloved dog in the family has figured that already, but there are studies confirming the stress-reducing power of pets.

Positive Health Benefits of Pets
Scientific studies show bonding with a pet can reduce stress hormones and increase oxytocin levels in the human body. Oxytocin is a hormone sending messages of love and happiness to the brain.  For example, it’s prevalent in a new mother bonding with her baby after childbirth.  Best of all, oxytocin is also associated with lower blood pressure and reduced anxiety.

These psychological and physiological benefits explain why a growing number of Americans treat pets like family.  More than half of all American households have a furry family member, but it’s not just full-time pet owners seeing the benefits.  Studies also show the simple act of petting a dog or a cat greatly enhances relaxation.  This explains the increasing number of therapy animals visiting healthcare facilities and accompanying people dealing with high-stress situations.

Pet-Friendly Perks in Real Estate
The positive animal-human interaction has been around since the beginning of time, but science is helping us understand that our relationship with domestic pets goes much deeper than simple companionship. A large number of millennials are buying homes because of their dog, and many families are creating pet-centric spaces and designing rooms specifically for their pets.

As real estate professionals, we enjoy assisting fellow pet parents listing a property or searching for new homes with their four-legged friend.  We help ensure our customers don’t have to stress about pets during real estate transactions.

For customers selling a home, we simply recommend keeping the place clean, smelling pleasant, and free of excess fur. We typically advise temporarily taking your pet away from the home or securing your pet in a separate area during buyer showings and open houses, but you don’t have to totally hide the fact that a pet lives in the home.  A framed photo of your furry friend, a new fluffy toy on a pillow, or a glass jar full of treats can signal that a pet enjoys this happy home.

If you are a homebuyer, we can search for special features in a home, such as a built-in window seat for Kittie, or perhaps a dream backyard for Fido to frolic. If a single-family home isn’t what you desire, we can help find pet-friendly condominiums or townhomes all around the Greater Tampa Bay area. There are countless pet-friendly neighborhoods with enhanced walkability, sidewalks, nearby parks, and restaurants with doggy dining.

As your pet-friendly real estate team, we would be happy to help you sell your property or find a perfect home to enjoy with your beloved pets. We may also offer suggestions or connect you with professionals for a variety of home matters. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for more information.