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-5 Ways to Liven Up Your Tampa Home-

Cabin fever is spreading across Florida. As the rain and humid weather persists, many of us are spending more time inside our Tampa homes. If you are not enjoying the current vibe of your home’s interior, here are some ideas to liven up your Tampa home this rainy season.

Refreshing Home Updates, Trends, and Rainy Day Ideas
  1. Cleanse the Aura: No one wants to be stuck inside cleaning their Tampa home on a sunny day, which is why we always suggest getting chores done while the weather is gloomy. In addition to giving you the feeling of accomplishment, a deep clean can make your home feel more refreshed. The fresh and clean smell alone could make the place more pleasant.
  2. Contemplate Décor: While you are sitting and waiting for the rain to stop, why not ponder some new paint colors for your walls, or start planning your ideas for fall accents, mood lighting, autumn-themed pillows, blankets, heavier rugs, or earth-tone curtains. Simple updates can change the entire vibe of a room.
  3. Get on Trend: Beyond seasonal décor options, you may also browse interior design sites for the latest trends in home decorating and residential painting. For example, Pantone named “Living Coral” its color of the year for 2019. Coral can add a comforting vibe to your home. Also, let our real estate team know if you would like us to align you with local designers or painters.
  4. Refresh Furniture: Have the sofa cleaned to remove any muddy paw prints, or consider buying new furniture if budget allows. Sturdier textures and styles are fitting for the fall months. Velvet-textured sofas, chairs, and other home furnishings are all the rage. Indoor activities always seem more enjoyable in a luxurious setting.
  5. Enjoy an Upgrade: Online shopping can be a great way to pass the time on a rainy day, and a newly upgraded item for your home could be an excellent purchase to enhance your home life. High-end appliances with sleek designs and smart-home technologies could add both sophistication and sale value to your home. Also on the plus side, the instruction manual will give you something to read until the weather outside improves.
We hope these simple ideas inspire Florida homeowners to create enjoyable living spaces!

As full-service real estate professionals, we will be happy to align you with Tampa area experts to help you with home projects. If you are ready to move into a new home, looking to invest, or interested in selling your current property, contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786.