Moving Plan Tips Snowbirds

-Top 3 Moving Tips for Snowbirds in Fall 2020-

As always, snowbirds are flocking to the sunshine state this season, but moving to-do lists may be a bit different for Fall 2020.  That is because Florida snowbirds are facing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic this year.  With the right protocols and planning, however, this year’s migration to snowbird life can be safe and simple.  Just follow our top three moving tips for snowbirds.

Setting Up for Florida Snowbird Life in 2020

Whether you are a seasoned snowbird or a new retiree, our real estate team has simple moving tips to help you safely transition to Florida life. Once you are settled into your Florida nest, we suspect you will be back to enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, beaches, beautiful scenery, arts and culture that only Tampa Bay can offer during the fall and winter months.

  1. Know the Situation and Facts: For starters, we suggest calling and connecting with your Florida friends or property caretakers before heading southbound. They could fill you in on the latest neighborhood happenings and alert you to any new COVID-19 guidelines for your area.  For example, several local cities and counties have mask mandates.  Check state and local government websites to verify the latest restrictions and phase of openings in your Tampa Bay area community.  In addition to alerting you to social distancing guidelines, those sites may help you determine necessary items and moving supplies to pack, such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and facemasks.
  2. Confirm Things are Set for Arrival: If your Florida home has had renters or occupants, be sure to verify their departure or exit from the property. No one wants to be surprised by unwanted occupants upon arrival. Additionally, plan to give the place a good cleaning upon your arrival.  If needed, schedule a cleaning service to sanitize the space.  Also, ask a friend or caretaker to turn on water valves and run water in all faucets for several minutes. That is always nice to have done before arrival, in case any issues need fixed before move-in day.  You can also e-mail or call ahead to turn on or reactivate utilities and services, such as electric, phone, garbage, recycling, cable, Internet, or mail. Due to the coronavirus and restrictions, some services may need further advance notice than usual. Double check with service providers to ensure all transition plans are on track to avoid issues or disruptions.
  3. Set a Transition Plan for Success: Plan for everything and anything, whether you are driving or flying to your Florida nest. Most importantly, you will want to schedule moving trucks and travel itineraries in advance of departure. In addition to pricing and load capacities, you will want to ask about their safety procedures for COVID-19, such as wearing gloves, face-masks, shoe covers, equipment sanitizing, and social distancing measures. We often suggest getting at least three estimates for movers offering services around the Greater Tampa Bay region. Prices and policies will vary in different areas across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.

Contact our Tampa Bay real estate team at 813-294-5786 for names of reputable moving companies and other referrals for home matters.  In addition to real estate advice, we are happy to offer helpful tips to streamline plans for safe and simple transitions.

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