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-3 Organized Steps for a Profitable New Year-

Downsizing and getting organized are on our minds this time of year. Many of us are feeling an urge to clean up the holiday clutter and get things organized to start the new decade with a clean home and a fresh perspective. Here are three areas that could help you eliminate clutter and elevate your home finances.

1. Get Organized and Remove Clutter Around Your Home

Take things one-step at a time when trying to downsize, clean, and organize your home.  You may want to focus on clearing the garage or closet, which have accumulated old boxes, clothes, small appliances, knickknacks, and other stuff you no longer need. As always, we encourage folks to donate gently used items to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other charitable causes. Remember, donations may be tax-deductible for your upcoming tax returns.

You may also consider selling some high-quality items to boost your 2020 budget. This financial-savvy approach to downsizing could help you complete a remodel or upgrade to a new Tampa Bay area home and community that better matches your current lifestyle.

2. Financially Downsize for the New Year

In addition to tangible items cluttering your home, there could be intangibles and unnecessary costs weighing you down. Obviously, food and toiletries are a necessity in your budget, but consider becoming a bit more frugal with coupons or switching up where you shop to find deals.

You may also save big bucks by reviewing your energy and water consumption. For example, there are energy-saving programs and money-back rebates offered by several local utilities, including Tampa Electric.  Home solutions like new ductwork, ceiling insulation, wall insulation, window replacements, HVAC upgrades, Energy Star options, and more could be big money savers. Also, do not forget to re-evaluate the market for Internet, Cable, and Phone, which often offer competitive rates and deals that lure new customers to make the switch.

3. Create an Organized Home Office for 2020

Now is a perfect time of year to restock any needed home-office supplies.  This will ensure you are prepared for tax season and ready to budget for home improvements or moving plans in 2020.  Start by cleaning out the desk drawers or supply closet.  Take an inventory of what you need.  Does the printer need ink?  Do you have enough paper for printing documents? Do you have a collection of inkless pens that need thrown out? Once you have your drawers cleaned and a shopping list of office supplies, visit a local supply store or website to enjoy the end-of-year deals and post-holiday clearance sales.

We hope these tips help you enjoy an organized and profitable New Year.  Please feel free to call upon us for real estate advice.  We would be happy to provide you expert solutions for getting the most value out of your real estate transactions in 2020.

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