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It seems that sleep is top-of-mind when the November time-change rolls around for Floridians.  The right amount of sleep can help you enjoy a healthy and happy life, and a bedroom designed to enhance relaxation can do wonders for achieving sleep.

Were you thinking about your sleep schedule when you bought your home?  That probably did not cross your mind.  Many of us meticulously scrutinize kitchen design and survey square footage when touring homes.  Most of us, however, failed to pay special attention to the design of the room in which we spend a third of each day.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a bedroom where the sunrises too brightly in your morning eyes, or perhaps the room is situated near a loud water heater or garage. Luckily, most of these issues are easy-to-fix with a little ingenuity.   As full-service real estate professionals, we can align our customers with top-notch interior design experts ready to help guide you through any bedroom design project.  Here are 10 quick tips to determine a plan for better sleep:

  1. Create a special space for wind-down activities like meditation or reading. A comfortable chair in the corner of the bedroom could be a peaceful place to sit before transitioning to your bed.
  2. Consider Feng Shui to create harmony in your environment and improve the layout of your bedroom furniture. For example, it’s advised to place a bed in the corner that is diagonally opposite from and farthest away from the exit door.
  3. If your bedroom is situated in a noisy area of your home, consider purchasing a “white noise” machine or playing light music to create a more tranquil sleeping environment.
  4. Don’t let electronics and other light sources disturb your rest. A bright light shining from the cable box or thermostat just might be keeping you up. Turn off or cover if possible.
  5. Depending on the location of your bedroom, it may be too hot or cold. In addition to adjusting temperatures and air vents, consider adjusting your bedding. Floridians might opt for the lightest possible cotton fabrics and bedding with a moisture-wicking quality.
  6. If the early morning light is an issue in your bedroom, it’s time to invest in new shades or curtains. Light-blocking blinds or drapes can create a dark space that is ideal for sleep.
  7. We often preach the power of paint colors when discussing room design. For example, cool shades create a calming vibe.  Opt for light shades of beige, gray, or pale blue.
  8. In addition to room design, consider stress management, physical activity, a set sleep schedule and other lifestyle improvements for achieving better sleep.
  9. Seek help from the experts if necessary. In addition to talking with an interior designer, research the free information available from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the National Sleep Foundation
  10. If medical issues, anxiety, or medications are obstructing your sleep, be sure to talk with your physician regarding more individualized options for creating a restful setting.

It’s our pleasure to offer ideas to help you create a happy home life.  In addition to offering real estate advice for buying and selling homes, we also enjoy helping Florida residents connect with interior designers and other experts.  Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786.