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-6 Tips for Safely Hosting Holiday Guests-

Ready or not, we are entering the 2020 holiday season.  Homeowners across the Greater Tampa Bay area will soon be making decisions about hosting guests for Thanksgiving and figuring out safe ways to see family and friends during the holidays.

Celebrating with members of your household in your Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco County home is the safest way to protect yourself and others during the ongoing pandemic. Inevitably, however, many homeowners will still be facing the annual challenge of hosting holiday guests. That is why our Tampa area real estate team has compiled six important tips for surviving the 2020 holiday season in homes and spaces of any size.

Thanksgiving 2020 Solutions for Holiday Hosts

Notably, the CDC has issued various guidelines for celebrating Thanksgiving and the holiday season safely during the pandemic, most of which point to outdoor events or virtual meetups around the computer screen as opposed to the dinner table. Here are a few solutions for the Floridians finding yourselves hosting a small dinner or receiving guests from outside your household.

  • LIMIT GUESTS: If planning an event, experts advise to limit gatherings to groups of fewer than 10 people. A short VIP list of your closest family and friends will help reduce risks, while also providing a more intimate event to enjoy and remember.
  • PRACTICE SAFETY: In addition to wearing masks around any individuals that do not live in your household, the experts advise to keep at least six feet of distance between each person. As host, re-arrange chairs and seating to help guests adhere to these protocols.
  • GATHER OUTSIDE: Whether one guest or a gaggle of grandchildren – find a way to lure them outside with music, comfortable seating, or other attractions. Experts advise that outdoor gatherings in the fresh air are safer than indoor spaces with poor air circulation.
  • OUTDOOR DINING: Creating a space for outdoor dining has always been perfect for hosts with smaller interiors lacking space for large groups. For 2020, set a beautiful outdoor table with distanced chairs, formal place settings, and a festive centerpiece to delight guests.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN: Sanitize and declutter before guests arrive to ensure a safe and clean space for you and your guests. Wearing gloves when preparing foods and providing guests hand sanitizers are also good etiquette for the 2020 holiday season. Experts also advise to skip the cloth napkins and opt for disposable napkins and paper towels this holiday season.
  • PLAN AHEAD: Consider a formal seating chart and plan to serve plated food as opposed to a buffet-style setting where germs could spread. Also, it is a good idea to cook as much as possible and wash up cookware prior to guest arrival. Completing meal prep in advance will allow you maintain a tidy kitchen and will help you feel more relaxed with guests.

Unlike up north, Floridians and snowbirds are fortunate to enjoy ideal weather for hosting holiday guests on our patios, porches, decks, or balconies. We hope these tips help Florida residents and your guests enjoy a safe and happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.

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