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-How to be a Safety Savvy Senior –

Among the many jobs homeowners have to do, safety management is top of the list, particularly for seniors.  Arthritis, fatigue, medical conditions, and unforeseen injuries can all enhance our needs for a safer home.  The good news is that a few simple alterations can help prevent accidents for seniors as well as reduce risks for Florida homeowners of any age.

7 Home Safety Tips for Florida Seniors

Whether you are a Florida retiree wanting to maintain a safer home, or you want to help senior loved ones make their homes safer, here are our top seven home safety tips.

  1. EMERGENCY CONTACT LISTS: Keep emergency contact lists and helplines easily accessible. Include medical contacts (doctors, hospitals, etc.) as well as direct numbers for police, fire, and emergency services specific to your area of Tampa Bay.
  2. CLEAR WALKTHROUGHS: Clear any debris or items out of walkthrough areas like halls, doorways, and stairs. Also, be sure there is adequate lighting in those areas. If you don’t have the budget for new electrical lighting installations, consider a battery-powered light or push-button light option from a local home store.
  3. ELIMINATE HAZARDS: Limit unnecessary furniture, remove clutter, and reduce fall hazards like loose rugs. Loose items can cause you to trip and fall.
  4. PROMOTE FIRE SAFETY: Perform regular safety checks to ensure fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are working properly. Update batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors when needed.
  5. ENHANCE SECURITY: Install security systems and ensure proper functioning of all window and door locks. If you have weapons in the home, store them in a secure place to prevent unforeseen risks.
  6. MODIFY BATHROOMS: Safeguard bathroom areas with nonslip surfaces, nightlights, and mounted grab bars near the toilet and shower to prevent risks. You may also consider a walk-in bathtub or other solutions depending on your mobility and budget.
  7. CONSIDER NEW FLOORING: Stone flooring and polished tiles can be a slippery and painful fall hazard. Carpet, skid-proof floors, and rooms with smooth transitions are better for safety.

As professional realtors, we are always happy to help connect our customers with home safety experts and home service providers around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties.  We keenly understand that safety is repeatedly on the list of criteria for many senior homebuyers and snowbirds. That is why our team is proud to specialize in helping Florida seniors prepare for downsizing or moving between homes.

We hope these tips help to ensure you enjoy a home that offers a safe environment. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for expert advice on downsizing, buying, or selling your home.