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-5 Things to Do for Senior Citizens Day-

Our Tampa Bay area real estate team will join the nation in recognizing Senior Citizens Day on August 21st. For decades, this holiday has helped raise awareness about the many issues that seniors face, but the 2020 observance takes greater significance due to COVID-19. Now, more than ever, is a time to show support for our senior communities in the sunshine state.

Support Seniors in Our Tampa Bay Area Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic made an impact on the quality of life for Florida retirees, snowbirds, and empty nesters. Beyond the healthcare risks for those 65 and older, the recent pandemic prompted us all to adjust to stay-at-home orders, social distancing guidelines, nursing home lockdowns, restricted hospital visitations, and business closures.

Whether you are a senior citizen or a high school senior, here are ways for people of any age to brighten someone’s day.  We hope these tips help you provide comfort and relieve difficulties that some seniors may be facing this year:

  • CALL: Reach out with a phone call or video chat to catch up with your senior friends, family, and neighbors. Take time to teach a senior how to use Zoom or other video chat platform. Many people have felt socially isolated in recent months, which means a simple call or chat could mean the world to a special someone.
  • VISIT: Grab some PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and spend time with elderly loved ones and friends. For their safety and for yours, wear a mask during the visit and keep several feet of distance when talking and enjoying each other’s company.  Gloves and handwashing are also important if you will be entering their home or touching any items.
  • GIVE: Create a care package for someone in need. Shopping in stores and stocking up on items has been difficult in recent months, which means many seniors would deeply appreciate a care package. In addition to masks, toiletries, cleaning supplies, or food, consider adding fun items like jigsaw puzzles or games to the care package.
  • CREATE: For those of you with seniors in your family, consider starting a family history project. Help them with scanning and saving old photos in digital format, which is also a great space-saver for seniors needing to downsize. Consider teaching them how to navigate genealogy websites. Senior family members could find great enjoyment in researching family trees and discovering new information via trusted Internet sites.
  • DONATE: Donate or volunteer for projects that benefit the elderly. There are local and national non-profits in desperate need this year.  You may make a financial donation, drop-off food at a pantry, give household items, or donate your time. Locally, you may donate to The Community Food Pantry ( Doing someone’s shopping, housecleaning, or making a minor home improvement could provide major relief for a senior.

We hope these ideas help you celebrate Senior Citizens Day 2020. As real estate professionals, we uniquely specialize in helping seniors downsize into safe and happy homes to enjoy during their golden years. Florida’s senior population continues to grow as baby boomers flee the dreary cold and head south to retire in our sunny and beautiful Tampa Bay communities.

Whether you are preparing to downsize or moving between homes, we look forward to helping you enjoy a safe and seamless transition.  Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for advice on downsizing, buying, or selling your home.