Senior Home Trends

-Senior Home Trends for Moms and Multi-Generational Real Estate-

With a flourishing real estate market and the celebration of Mother’s Day this month, May is a perfect time to discuss the senior home trends for moms (and dads) moving closer to their adult children. Extended family members living with or near one another is nothing new, but there are many solutions to consider for multi-generational living.

Top 4 Home Solutions for Senior Parents and Adult Children

Over the past year, most Floridians have shifted their attention to the importance of health and family. Adult children and their parents are looking at the emotional, physical, and economic benefits of living in closer proximity.  Whether upstairs or down the street, here are family-living trends to consider:

  1. In the Family Home: A multi-generational family home, if space allows, is the most affordable way to accommodate an extended family. Living in the same house will also increase quality time for family dinners, movie nights, and more. If considering new real estate for moving in together, look for homes that feature a guest bedroom with its own attached bathroom. Another consideration is to choose a home layout with the master suite on a different floor or different side of the home for added space and privacy.
  2. Mother-In-Law Suite: Mother-in-law suites work beautifully for live-in family members wanting or needing their own space. Truly, everyone may benefit from the separate amenities. The suite could include cooking facilities, bathroom, bedroom, and a common space. The layout can range from a studio style to separate rooms for the kitchen and bedroom. Our real estate team will help you search for a home with an existing mother-in-law suite or provide referrals to experts to help add one to your current home.
  3. In a Guesthouse: A guesthouse or pool house has similar benefits and layout as a mother-in-law suite. The difference is a guesthouse offers separate living quarters from your home. As an onsite solution with a separate entrance, this option provides maximum privacy and independence. Ask us about Florida homes with guesthouses and other amenities to meet your needs. We can also align you with contractors, builders, and design experts in the Tampa Bay area.
  4. In the Neighborhood: A nearby home is an ideal solution and great investment for those without the space or ability to share a home or property. Major trends show this is also a more economical option to help active Boomers avoid the costs of expensive Assisted Living Communities. As a financial investment, a wonderful one-story home, duplex, townhome, villa, or condo in your family’s neighborhood could be the best solution for convenience and closeness.

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