Tampa Home Real Estate Seniors Move Downsizing

-2 Motivations for Seniors to Move Closer to Family-

Many Florida seniors are making the move to be near family in neighborhoods across Tampa Bay. Moving closer to adult children and other family members offers a two-fold solution. First and foremost, seniors can enjoy more quality time with loved ones that live close to them. And second, being near family ensures seniors have a strong support system.

1.) Seniors Move to Spend More Quality Time with Family

As many of us learned in 2020, it is not always easy to hop on a plane or take a road trip to visit our loved ones. Although if you live within walking distance, there are far fewer roadblocks. When seniors move to live closer to their family members, they increase their chances of:

  • Spending quality time together for family dinners or movie nights.
  • Never missing another birthday, anniversary, graduation, or special event.
  • Reaping the benefits of socializing and having a supportive circle.

Yes, masks and social distancing may be protocols for these times, but we think living closer can help make everyone feel a bit safer and less isolated.  Best of all, there are countless senior-friendly real estate options within family-friendly neighborhoods across Tampa Bay.  Contact our real estate team to find one-story homes, duplexes, townhomes, villas, and condos available near your family members in Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco counties.

2.) Support Systems for Seniors Living Near Family

From simple daily activities to comprehensive care, there are many benefits for seniors to move into a new home near family.  Seniors can enjoy easier access to support and care, such as:

  • Rides to-and-from doctor’s appointments, errands, and shopping trips.
  • Assistance with household chores, cleaning, and tasks like changing lightbulbs.
  • Physical care, cooking, medications, and daily assistance as needed.

Living in the same neighborhood could be an ideal solution for families that do not have a room or the space in their current home for mom or dad to move in with them. Buying a nearby property is also a savvy option for families that prefer to invest their money in real estate, rather than paying the high costs of Independent and Assisted Living Facilities.

Other Factors Driving Real Estate Trends for Tampa Bay Seniors

The wonderful weather and sunshine in the Tampa Bay area has always lured seniors, retirees, and snowbirds. Although for many years, there has also been an increasing population of Generation X and Millennial residents moving to the Tampa Bay area.

Working adults and families may have left their parents’ hometown to invest in Tampa’s thriving real estate market or to pursue higher education, job opportunities, and other lifestyle goals.  Consequently, many seniors that had not made an earlier decision to retire in the Tampa Bay area, are now following their adult children to our wonderful region.

Furthermore, empty nesters and retirees that have lived their lives in Tampa Bay’s suburbs, such as Carrollwood, are making the smart decision to downsize and relocate to move-in-ready homes, condos, and villas in neighborhoods where their adult children are thriving.

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