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-Spring Home Buying for Snowbirds-

Spring is a perfect time for snowbirds and retirees to delight in beautiful weather, partake in bountiful activities, and shop around for their dream home.  While everyone knows Florida is a great place to retire, we can narrow that down and say the Greater Tampa Bay Area specifically provides a ton of fantastic options for snowbirds.

Remarkable retirement communities include Southshore Falls in Apollo Beach, featuring single-family homes and villas located close to the beach with a large amenity center. Others might prefer a manufactured home on a perfect lake for fishing, or perhaps an amazing high-rise condo in the bustling downtown Tampa area. There is no shortage of options in our region, from southern Hillsborough County and Riverview areas, over to the gorgeous Pinellas County beach communities, and up to Pasco County’s thriving Wesley Chapel area.

Six Snowbird Tips for Buying in Florida

Due to the recent overhaul in U.S. taxes, Florida has seen a rise in northerners optimizing our affordable property tax rates. Lower taxes and other benefits have made it appealing for retirees and snowbirds to invest in the Florida real estate market. Whether you’re a snowbird who’s ready to fully invest in the Florida life, or a retiree wanting to buy your dream home, our team is ready to help with your search.  Here are quick tips for finding your dream home:

  1. Make a Must-Have List: Consider things that would be nice to have or ones you absolutely don’t want. Use this list to guide you in selecting potential communities.
  2. Location, Location, Location: For Florida snowbirds, this is your chance to find your dream community. Try to find the perfect spot where you can feel comfortable and safe, while enjoying a great view and pleasant surroundings.
  3. Set Specific Price Points: Retirement should be your years to kick back and relax. Don’t set yourself up with something unsustainable. Know your budget and stick with it. Look out for Home Owner’s Association (HOA) fees and other costs when building a realistic budget.
  4. Enjoy Low-Maintenance Perks: Many retirees love to travel, and snowbirds do not live in Florida on a year-round basis. Consequently, there are great benefits to communities with HOAs handling building exteriors, security, pools, roofs, and lawn maintenance for you.
  5. Consider Move-In-Ready: A home needing renovations or repairs may have a lower sales price, but maintenance issues could add up quickly on a fixed income, especially for snowbirds trying to maintain a second home.
  6. Leverage Local Help: If you’re new to the area, a professional realtor can help navigate your buying process and negotiate the best price. We may also align you with financial experts, brokers, or a VA loan specialist if you are veteran.
As real estate professionals, we are more than willing to help snowbirds in their home search this spring. Our Tampa-based team uniquely specializes in helping Florida seniors prepare for downsizing, moving between homes, and enjoying the snowbird lifestyle.  Call Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for expert advice today.