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8 Straight-Forward Strategies for Downsizing

-8 Straight-Forward Strategies for Downsizing-

Downsizing is often the best solution for down-and-out seniors feeling destitute or overwhelmed maintaining an oversized home.  For retirees and empty-nesters no longer needing a big house, we have eight straight-forward strategies for downsizing and moving this summer.

Importantly, our real estate team speaks from experience. We have helped many empty nesters and retirees with downsizing, and we have personally downsized our own home. From financial perks to physical conveniences, downsizing will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Tips for Seniors to Downsize and Move this Summer

  1. Clear Away Clutter: Free yourself by getting rid of unnecessary stuff. The simplest start is to go room-to-room with a box or bag and get rid of things you haven’t used, worn, or needed in the past six months. People in need and non-profits will love your donations.
  2. Share the Memories: If you’ve been holding on to sentimental items, consider passing them on to the next generation. Heirlooms can be given to family or friends, while printed photos could be converted and saved as digital jpegs for easier access and less clutter.
  3. See the Dollar Signs: Sell your excess stuff for a profit and apply that money to a down payment on your dream condo or townhouse. Host a garage sale, hire estate-sale professionals, or easily use your smartphone to photograph and sell items via a mobile app.
  4. Look to a Bright Future: Start looking for a budget-friendly place to invest in and enjoy your senior years with more time for relaxing, enjoying outdoor yoga, or playing golf.  The sunny Tampa Bay area offers waterfront condos, one-story homes in walkable districts, high-rise apartments, and luxury 55+ communities with amenities galore.
  5. Choose Prosperity and Health: Less stuff requires less square footage, which means lower bills and greater savings. Also, you could protect your health and safety by choosing a home with less maintenance, no stairs, modified bathrooms, and senior-friendly features.
  6. Trust the Experts: In addition to strategies for downsizing, selling, and buying a new home, our real estate team can connect you with movers, service providers, bankers, and attorneys to simplify every detail of the process. You stay focused on the transition to a brighter future.
  7. Make Multiple Lists: A solid plan is the best strategy for success. We recommend drafting separate plans and lists for purchases, to-do items, packing supplies (box cutters, labels, packing tape, etc.), utility transfers (electric, cable, etc.), and other service transfers.
  8. Rely on the Pros: You do not have to clean, pack, and handle moving by yourself in Tampa Bay. Eager packers and professional movers are ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. Contact us for strategies for downsizing. We offer booklets with the names of reputable moving companies and affordable service providers recommended by local seniors and satisfied customers.

Notably, Tampa Bay’s 2022 real estate market could provide you an opportunity to make a large profit on selling a current house that no longer fits your needs. Whether you downsize to a small one-story home or a new condo, we can help you with strategies to simplify your summer move and create more relaxation in your life.

Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for strategies for downsizing, selling, buying, or investing in Florida real estate.