Summer is traditionally a time for outdoor fun, but it can also be a great time for Floridians to make interior updates to their homes. Perhaps you recently purchased a new home in the Carrollwood area of Tampa, or maybe you need to make updates before selling your beachfront condominium in Pinellas. Regardless of your current situation, here are quick-to-implement ideas and sizzling 2017 trends for summer.

Stylish Home Appliances
If you’re ready for a big change this summer, or if you’re simply in need of new appliances, consider choosing one of the new stylish models.  The latest trend is bronze appliances and fixtures.  In addition to the warm tones of bronze and brass, many homeowners are opting for matte finishes on appliances as well as faucets. Design experts are leaning towards matte finishes on stainless steel and moving away from those shiny surface models from past years.

Smart Technology Trends
In contrast to northerners spending winters indoors, Floridians are accustomed to spending summers inside air-conditioned homes. If you’re feeling cooped up and bored this summer, consider entertaining yourself by installing the hottest technologies in your home.  There is no shortage of smart devices for the modern home. The biggest 2017 trend are home-automation systems including Google Home, Apple’s HomeKit, and Amazon’s Echo.  These systems equip you with voice control over home’s smart appliances, lighting systems, A/C systems, and other Wi-Fi connected devices. The systems come with basic directions for self-installation.

Summer Colors & Décor
As we shared this Spring, Pantone named “Greenery” its color of the year, which is a refreshing yellow-green shade.  As opposed to spending a beautiful summer day painting your walls with this cheery tone or other bright shade, you could simply brighten your home through summer-colored accent pillows, sheer curtains, or canvas rugs.  If you want to be totally on-trend for summer 2017, consider bright jewel tones.  A cheery yellow or bright blue throw pillows could be exactly what your old couch or chair needs to be refreshed and modern.

Design & Coastal Themes
Nothing says summer better than the beach, which is why many of our customers have purchased homes along our Gulf shores for that endless summer environment. For the surrounding Tampa homeowners yearning for beachside living, we suggest a coastal design theme.  Many Tampa interior designers are experts in coastal design, but you can achieve the effect yourself with framed photography or a beautiful water color or beach painting. For fun, visit Dunedin’s row of quaint shops or St. Pete’s galleries to find coastal décor and artists’ renderings of blue waters that feel close enough to touch.

We hope these summer tips will help you and other homeowners to create enjoyable living spaces.  As full-service real estate professionals, we would be happy to refer you to our favorite local shops or align you with experts to provide professional interior design.  If you’re a Florida resident needing help finding the perfect home or selling your current property, call Dick and Karla Nielsen  at Keller Williams Tampa Properties today at 813-294-5786.

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