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3 Ways to Boost Backyard Value in Florida

-3 Ways to Boost Backyard Value in Florida- Memorial Day Weekend kickstarts the summer, and the best place to spend the holiday weekend is in a Tampa Bay backyard.  If the current atmosphere out back is not up to par, now is prime time for…
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How Small Gardens Thrive in the Tampa Bay Area

- How Small Gardens Thrive - Florida offers a fantastic setting for home gardens.  Around Tampa Bay, even the smallest of gardens are flourishing in backyards and on balconies alike.  Homeowners with a love for gardening can put their green…
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10 Outdoor Dining and Décor Ideas

-Outdoor Dining and Décor- Let’s talk about stylish options for outdoor dining at home in Florida. As folks across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties continue to search for creative ways to entertain ourselves at home, it makes sense…
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Florida Home Trends for Outdoor Spaces

-Florida Home Trends for Outdoor Spaces- For most Americans, January might not seem like the ideal month for lounging on the patio, but enjoying outdoor spaces is a fantastic winter pastime for Florida homeowners. Tampa’s mild winter temperatures…
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7 Homeowner Tips for Earth Day

-7 Homeowner Tips for Earth Day- We’re joining countries around the world to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. This year’s Earth Day centers on nature’s gifts to our planet and the protection of Earth’s millions of species. As homeowners,…
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5 Florida Gardening and Landscaping Tips

Guest Contributor: Sarah Bacon, Master Gardener & Community Herbalist ~ There are countless reasons to love living in Florida.  Towards the top of the list is the ability to grow lush gardens. Florida’s climate allows you to grow…
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Backyard Tips to Beat the Heat

Summers are made for fun, and many of us find pleasure in simply being outside in our backyard.  Floridians have high temperatures and humidity to contend with June through August, but we also have solutions to survive and thrive outside during…