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2 Trends in the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market

-2 Trends in the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market- Summer is in full swing, and Tampa Bay’s real estate market continues to soar to new levels.  Our real estate team is ready to help you analyze the current market and design the best possible…
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6 Steps for Safe and Healthy Home Showings

-6 Steps for Safe and Healthy Home Showings- June is National Healthy Homes Month, which comes at a perfect time for those selling, buying, or preparing for home showings during this summer’s hot real estate market. Since the start of…
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3 Ways to Boost Backyard Value in Florida

-3 Ways to Boost Backyard Value in Florida- Memorial Day Weekend kickstarts the summer, and the best place to spend the holiday weekend is in a Tampa Bay backyard.  If the current atmosphere out back is not up to par, now is prime time for…
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4 Focus Areas for Stress-Free Downsizing

-4 Focus Areas for Stress-Free Downsizing- Senior downsizing does not have to be an overwhelming task.  In fact, there are many stress-free downsizing solutions for seniors living in or moving to the Greater Tampa Bay area. As your Florida…
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8 Energy-Saving Home Updates to Boost Value

-8 Energy-Saving Home Updates to Boost Value- Home updates are wonderful ways to boost the value of your home.  As real estate experts serving customers across the Tampa Bay area, we often advise customers to choose their home updates wisely…
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4 Ideas for Spring Cleaning Tampa Homes

-4 Ideas for Spring Cleaning Tampa Homes - Any Tampa Bay homeowner knows spring cleaning is important in Florida. This is prime time to get home projects completed and outdoor chores done before the heat of summer. Particularly, indoor cleaning…
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Top 5 Real Estate Trends for Home Sellers

-Top 5 Real Estate Trends for Home Sellers- The year 2020 will go down in history for many dreary reasons, but one bright spot was that homebuyers and home sellers enjoyed a record year.  Real estate trends and reports show home sales surged…
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Summer Reset for Your Florida Home

-Summer Reset for Your Florida Home- Florida homeowners will be spending more time than usual at home this summer. This is because most travel plans are on hold, public places are still requiring social distancing, and many businesses remain…
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4 Tips for Tampa Home Sellers with Pets

-4 Tips for Tampa Home Sellers with Pets- Selling a Tampa Bay area home with the help of a real estate professional can be a simple and streamlined transaction, but home sellers with pets have a few extra steps to take for the showing process. …
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Tampa Real Estate Trends for Autumn 2019

-3 Tampa Real Estate Trends for Autumn 2019- The leaves may not be changing colors, but milder temperatures are helping to make it feel like autumn around the Tampa Bay area.  It seems the change of seasons, however, has not cooled the hot…
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7 Homeowner Tips for Earth Day

-7 Homeowner Tips for Earth Day- We’re joining countries around the world to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. This year’s Earth Day centers on nature’s gifts to our planet and the protection of Earth’s millions of species. As homeowners,…
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Accommodate Houseguests with Ease

If you’ve had family or friends in town visiting for a long weekend or an extended time, you know they can play a significant role in daily life. Houseguests can also be a key factor when making decisions on purchasing new real estate and…